Data delivered in real-time

Camunda is used to handle all user interactions, whether on the 24 Hour Fitness website, mobile app or in the fitness clubs.

“In our clubs we have a check-in mechanism that works through fingerprint ID and immediately lets you in, but also gives you tons of information – like how much you’ve paid, if you owe anything,” Jimmy says. “We have to get that to the user in milliseconds. We only get a very small window to interact before they come into the club. We want to make that seamless, we’re not here to get in their way.

Translating ideas into executable processes

In addition, using Camunda to enable visual communications between product owners, developers, architects and managers, 24 Hour Fitness has vastly reduced production timelines for new products and communications to a blisteringly fast two-week-sprint.

“Our Product Owners write in business terms ‘this is what I want it to look like’,” Jimmy explains. “For example, I need to validate that this member is an active member, they have no past-due payments. They just lay it all out in BPM, in words, and they hand it to the developers.”

“Camunda’s been amazing for us.”

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