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Babylon is one of the largest National Health Service (NHS) practices in the UK, processing tens of thousands of daily consultations with individual patients. Each consultation triggers a complex, personalised workflow combining human and automated tasks to ensure each patient receives the right treatment and doesn’t require any further support.


“We started looking into workflow processing tools and we found Camunda among a few other alternatives. We decided to start working with Camunda because of its unique features and the Enterprise support that was available to us. To mention one, the availability of an off-the-shelf complete UI allowed us to go live much earlier than other BPM solutions.”

Luca Mozzo, Software Engineer, Babylon.

Case Study: Babylon health

Babylon’s mission is to put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on Earth. As one of the biggest general medical practices in the UK, it introduced Camunda to deliver the right treatment to individual patients, ensuring clinical safety across a complex human workflow management ecosystem.