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BT Media & Broadcast already serves over 500 media production and broadcasters globally, moving over 16,000 hours of content a day. We’re dedicated to bringing customers network performance, insight, global presence and quality with innovative agility and transformative capability.

CamundaCon 2021: Network Orchestration and Configuration Management through Camunda

Real-time, policy-driven orchestration and automation of physical and virtual media functions enables rapid automation of new services and lifecycle management critical for next-generation media networks. Camunda’s Workflow Engine provides great design-time and runtime functions that enable collaboration between the enterprise, network designers, and developers. We’ll talk about how the reusability of tasks allows rapid development of features across multiple microservices. We’ll also explore how Camunda’s Workflow Engine enables self-service for network engineers with zero code changes to deploy and manage configurations on devices.

Learn more about CamundaCon 2021, the virtual conference dedicated to Process Automation, and watch any session on-demand.

Process Automation Forum Live: Network Configuration Automation through Camunda at BT Media & Broadcast