DB Cargo AG

DB Cargo AG is the most productive freight railway in Europe with 4,520 trains running per day. Located in the heart of the dense Central European rail network in Frankfurt am Main, DB Cargo AG provides Europe-wide rail transport for business customers from all sectors. One of the biggest challenges in long-distance, cross-border traffic is fulfilling the transport of cargo reliably and on schedule. To guarantee this, DB Cargo AG is part of the European production alliance Xrail which optimizes cross-border interoperability through the means of a central broker and agreed on process models.

Case Study: DB Cargo

As part of the digitalisation program, DB Cargo
AG is introducing the capacity-checked network. This is intended to have a sustainable impact on the attractiveness of single wagonload transport for customers. The core of this project is the introduction of a new capacity management system which forms the foundation for both national and international transport.

This case study gives a detailed report of the project.