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With a premium income of more than EUR 5.7 bn and capital investments of approx. EUR 40.0 bn, Generali insurances rank among the largest primary insurers on the German market. The multi-line insurer offers state-of-the-art insurance cover for retail customers in all stages of life as well as for corporate and small to medium-sized commercial clients. Generali insurances have a high service quality especially in the field of private provision.


We use Camunda BPM for automating our IT infrastructure services and processes using standards like BPMN 2.0 and Java EE. The core advantages of Camunda BPM compared to our previous commercial solution are the increased flexibility, the usage of standard technologies and knowledge, reduced licensing costs and an accelerated software development process.

-Matthias Lüstraeten, Infrastructure Management

Since 2013, Generali Deutschland has used Camunda BPM to orchestrate, automate, and integrate private and public cloud services for the provision of IT infrastructure services.

The significant challenge during the implementation of Camunda BPM was to migrate the results achieved in three years of project work with the monolithic cloud solution to a new environment within a few weeks.

The use of Camunda BPM led to such a high level of acceptance in all of the departments involved that the targeted approach now serves as a blueprint for the international cloud platform to provide IT services throughout the GENERALI Group.