T-Mobile Austria

T-Mobile Austria is the second largest mobile telecommunications provider in Austria with more than 4 million customers and approx. 1,300 employees. The brands T-Mobile and tele.ring address various target groups – starting from smartphone consumers to sole proprietorships and even large enterprises – each with the best offers and services in the fastest LTE network in Austria (Smartphone Magazin, November 2014). As a part of the Deutsche Telekom group T-Mobile benefits from the innovative capacity and the financial stability of the group, one of the biggest global player in the telecommunications market. In the fiscal year 2014 the group reported a turnover of 62.7 billion Euros. T-Mobile Austria serves amongst other functions as machine to machine communication (M2M) expert for the Deutsche Telekom group. For its business customers T-Mobile offers a wide range of cloud based solutions.


True to the company motto “How-I-want-it”, customers and the associated customer service are particularly dear to T-Mobile Austria. In order to execute future customer orders even better and faster, the decision was made in 2015 to introduce automated order execution. The Camunda BPM engine plays an important role as it promises an easy integration into T-Mobile Austria’s application landscape without relinquishing important functions.

Case Study: T-Mobile Austria

T-Mobile Austria’s IT team of around 100 developers is responsible for ensuring existing and new products integrate seamlessly with around 40 back-end systems. But it’s not just bringing new products to market where the team excels, it also manages an incredible amount of data, at all hours. One of the solutions it uses – database partitioning – is something you can easily implement in your own operations.