Camunda Operate provides transparency and real time visibility to monitor, analyze and resolve problems with processes running in Camunda 8

View Process Instances

Operate provides a user-friendly dashboard of all running BPMN & DMN processes

  • View details such as instance history and any attached variables
  • Receive notifications to quickly identify and respond to incidents
  • Easily navigate between different process model versions
  • Use Operate’s REST API for historic details of your process execution
Process Instances screenshot
Operate Process screenshot

Discover and Analyze Process Instances

Interactive user experience centered around the process model

  • View all running and completed instances of a process model
  • Review process details and analyze incidents across all process instances
  • Easily filter (by date, by error type, and more) to drill deeper into specific processes
  • Modify processes to quickly resolve errors

Rich Audit Trails

Dive even deeper into individual processes instances to inspect and analyze problems

  • Visualize instance history using audit trails
  • Monitor process instances and variables in real time
  • Analyze process variables and determine process blockers
  • Understand dependencies between parallel process branches and analyze process instance history using activity instance trees
  • Implement changes to any specific instance
audit trails screenshot
issue resolution screenshot

Resolve Issues

In addition to diagnosing problems, Operate allows you to easily implement fixes to process instances

  • Edit variables as needed
  • Schedule specific service task retries
  • Cancel entire process instance
  • Execute batch operations on large sets of process instances

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