Camunda 7.3 was released on May 31st

Press Release

June 1, 2015

Berlin – Software vendor Camunda has released version 7.3 of its open source process automation platform on 31st May. The product can be downloaded free of charge at

This new version allows the status change of ongoing processes so that process instances can be transferred “on-the-fly” to another state. Linked to this is a flexible way to grant authorizations, so that for example the members of certain user groups are the only ones able to see, start or change certain business processes. The third major new feature is the plug-in architecture of the included task list which enables employees to process the tasks assigned to them. The new architecture allows to flexibly adapt and expand the task list‘s functions.

According to the vendor, the new version has been particularly influenced by requests made by customers such as T-Mobile Austria, since Camunda is now used in many large companies for mission-critical core processes.

About Camunda Services GmbH:

Camunda Services GmbH, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, is a software vendor and consultancy specializing in Business Process Management (BPM). The company’s core product, Camunda BPM, is an open source platform for the automation of business processes. Camunda’s customers include Generali Insurances, Lufthansa Technik and Zalando.

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