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Camunda Platform 8 Launched as Universal Process Orchestrator

Press Release

April 12, 2022

Milestone release adds cloud-native workflow engine and a new integration framework for scalable end-to-end orchestration across all systems, available as a service or self-managed

Today, process orchestration software provider Camunda announced the next-generation release of Camunda Platform, now powered by Zeebe, a cloud-native workflow engine designed for true horizontal scalability and resilience. 

Nowadays, many businesses struggle to build scalable, resilient automation of complex business processes that span across people, systems, and devices. In particular, the integration of legacy systems and homegrown applications is time-consuming and requires available developer resources.

To solve this problem, Camunda Platform 8 provides organizations with speed, scale, security and resiliency without the overhead of building and maintaining infrastructure. The breakthrough in horizontal scalability is made possible by Zeebe, Camunda’s next generation cloud-native workflow engine. Zeebe can scale throughput linearly by adding cluster nodes, allowing for processing an unlimited amount of transactions at consistent low latencies. To ensure resilience, Zeebe comes with a new fail-over architecture that also supports geo-replication across data centers to provide availability of 99.999% or more. 

Intuitive integrations and universal connectivity

The new open architecture in Camunda Platform 8 also takes advantage of an external task client pattern unlocking universal connectivity. This connectivity is made possible by a series of essential connectors along with simple and intuitive integrations across technology enablers from RPA, CRM, ERP, and BI Systems, to AI, IoT, and messaging platforms. With Camunda’s integration framework, teams can develop custom connectors using SDKs for their preferred programming language, then reuse and even govern usage of their custom connectors across all aspects of their business. 

Business-IT collaboration with web-based process Modeler

Once deployed within Camunda Platform 8, connectors are accessible in the new web-based process Modeler. With Camunda Platform 8, Modeler has been reimagined to unlock deep collaboration between business users who are intimately familiar with business processes and IT who develop the automation. This collaboration, in combination with the new integration framework, helps to ensure business agility by drastically reducing the time it takes to design and agree upon process changes, and by allowing for rapid implementation of processes that orchestrate people, systems, and devices — including modern microservices as well as legacy applications. 

Camunda CEO Jakob Freund said the extensibility of the new integration framework is a potential game changer for digital transformation.

“In large enterprises, you often find specialized software development teams that provide automation infrastructure to their organization. These teams can now leverage Camunda Platform 8 to develop and deploy their own connectors. Their colleagues can then re-use those connectors in an easy and convenient way, to integrate existing in-house systems in end-to-end process automation. This can fundamentally accelerate the digital transformation of your organization,” Freund said. 

Camunda Platform 8 is in production today with a number of companies that received early access, among them athenahealth, Glencore, and Swiss Re. 

“Camunda Platform 8 has empowered us to build a scalable workflow-based messaging system for our customers, making it easy for us to run millions of process instances at any given time. The fact that it supports the existing BPMN 2.0 standard is a wonderful addition,” said Vamsi Krishna, director of engineering at athenahealth.

SV Group, an innovative gastronomy and hotel management group based in Switzerland, relies on Camunda to orchestrate and monitor the various microservices that make up their unique guest experience. “Camunda Platform 8 is essential in orchestrating our end-to-end digital guest journey for our Stay KooooK hotel brand. The Camunda SaaS offering lets us get started quickly, without infrastructure setup, and gives us the confidence to scale quickly, allowing us to replicate an amazing experience for all our guests as well as the guests of hotels that use our data-driven digital hospitality platform as a white-label solution,” said Markus Feller, head digital hospitality solution at SV Group.

Besides their customers, Camunda also anticipates their strategic partners to contribute to a growing ecosystem of ready-to-use connectors.

“As a strategic partner for Camunda, we have collaborated to harness our collective expertise in process automation to navigate our customers’ digital transformation journey with a wide range of enterprise system connectors, powered by our Cobalt cloud offerings together with Camunda’s process orchestration platform. The platform, along with Infosys solutions and services, will help accelerate process implementation and enhance business productivity outcomes,” said Mohammed Rafee Tarafdar, SVP and chief technology officer, Infosys.


Camunda Platform 8 is offered as SaaS or self managed. The SaaS offering is hosted on Google Cloud, while self managed can be run on internal infrastructure or any cloud provider such as Google Cloud, AWS, or Microsoft Azure. 

A 30 day, free trial of Camunda Platform 8 SaaS is available at camunda.com/get-started 

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