Energy Giant chooses Camunda BPM to kindle Digital Transformation

Press Release

May 30, 2017

Berlin, Germany | May 30, 2017 – Lampiris, Belgium’s third largest supplier of gas, green power and energy chooses Camunda BPM to serve the Belgian market and expansion into France.

Last year TOTAL, the fourth largest international oil and gas company with operations in more than 130 countries acquired Lampiris. This acquisition impacted the magnitude of Lampiris’ customer base, accelerating their digital transformation.

Lampiris has not been a stranger to Business Process Management (BPM), using open source software in the past before choosing Camunda. David Wery, Team Lead at Lampiris says, “we’ve developed our projects based on open source software and have created our own state machine. With our acquisition we knew we had to update future processes but didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. Camunda’s tools and philosophy proved to be the perfect solution. The support of their consultants especially helps us review and re-adjust our processes and reach a professional level with orchestration.”

Lampiris uses Camunda BPM for two core projects – first with the expansion into France to operationally manage the growth of new clients from lead (i.e. attracting new customers) to delivery (i.e. providing energy to these customers). These operations involve hundreds of internal staff and impact hundreds of thousands of inhabitants in France looking for a new service provider.

Secondly, Lampiris is also optimizing its processes for when clients move and captures new clients who move into the home – it is essential to continue support when a client moves but it becomes a challenge when the process is administratively heavy. “With Camunda we know that all steps are visible and properly managed. When a client speaks to our customer service agents, they know at which stage they are in terms of their energy supply and this helps us avoid churn” says Wery.

Lampiris are preparing for their continued expansion and will digitalize all their processes to allow for mass market adoption of their services. Camunda BPM plays a core role in supporting the efficiency and speed required to spark this transition.

About Lampiris
Lampiris, an independent supplier of gas, green power and energy services such as insulation, furnace maintenance, wood and pellets for heating, and smart thermostats, has been active in the Belgian energy market since 2005. Lampiris, which currently supplies more than a million accounts, is the third-largest supplier in the residential energy market in Belgium.

About Camunda
Camunda is a Berlin based software company specialized in BPM (Business Process Management). The company’s core product, Camunda BPM is an open source platform for the automation of business processes. Some of Camunda’s customers include Deutsche Bahn, Lufthansa Technik and Zalando. In 2016 Camunda’s revenue grew 82% and Camunda currently employs 70 people in their headquarters in Berlin and offices in San Francisco and Denver, USA.

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