Implement business processes faster with a ready-to-use application for human tasks.

  • Reduce time-to-value for your process orchestration projects with an out-of-the-box interface for manual work
  • Provide a user experience that fits your organization’s branding
  • Orchestrate the human workflows that are critical to your business

Get started fast with a ready-to-use interface for end users

Roll out processes to end users as soon as they’re defined — no need to develop a custom business application. Tasklist is an out-of-the-box web application that’s tightly integrated with Camunda’s process orchestration capabilities. Simply model a business process using the BPMN standard and deploy it to the Workflow Engine; when a user needs to work on a task, they’ll see it appear in Tasklist.

Make it your own with customizations

Customize the Tasklist user interface to fit your organization’s branding, whether that means adding a logo, changing the color scheme, or giving the interface a whole new look and feel. Tasklist is built on the CSS and Less languages, so no proprietary knowledge or tools are required.

Orchestrate human workflows in a modern way

When mission-critical business processes require manual work, proper orchestration is key. For example, if a customer on-boarding process is delayed because an employee doesn’t know they need to complete a task, the customer will have a poor experience. Camunda offers a lightweight, developer-friendly solution for slow, inefficient, or broken human workflows. Learn more about managing human workflows with Camunda.


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