Camunda Platform 8 for Developers

Target Group:

Software developers and IT architects who want to understand the technical details.


Certificate of completion


Be familiar with coding in your preferred programming language.

Course Overview

In our training course for developers, we will teach you everything you need in order to use Camunda Platform 8 successfully in your own projects. You will learn the theory around designing and implementing your own process applications and apply your knowledge in a number of hands-on labs.

This course is suitable for software developers of all programming languages.


The key goals for this course are:

  • Know the basics of BPMN
  • Understand essential technical concepts of Camunda Platform 8
  • Orchestrate services using BPMN and the Camunda Platform process engine
  • Implement human task management using Camunda Platform 8
  • Know how to test the orchestration layer and deploy process applications


  • Introduction into Process Modeling with BPMN 2.0 
  • Introduction into Business Rules Automation with DMN
  • Process Automation with Camunda Platform 8
  • Camunda Platform 8 Architecture
  • Working with External Service Tasks
  • Data Objects, Gateways & Expressions
  • Human Task Management
  • Error Handling and Compensation
  • Testing Processes
  • Camunda Platform 8 API


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