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DMN Training

Target Group:

Everybody who wants to understand DMN in detail.


Certificate of completion



Course Overview

The perfect introduction to DMN! Decision Model and Notation (DMN) is the new standard of the Object Management Group (OMG), the institution behind BPMN, UML etc. DMN allows for rules that are relevant for decision-making to be modeled and automated in a standardized form – what BPMN offers for processes, DMN offers for decisions.

In our 1-day introductory seminar you will get a detailed overview of DMN, including possible application areas, potential benefits and specific implementation approaches.


This 1-day course provides a practical training in DMN. Decision modeling tables and the analysis ‘problem -> DMN model’ build the focus of explanations and exercises. In addition, the ability to automate (incl. live demo) will be covered and aspects of DMN-governance will be discussed.


  • Introduction into Decision Model & Notation, and Decision Tables
  • Expressions with FEEL
  • Hit Policies and Decision Design
  • Decision Execution and Decision Engines
  • DMN in the context of BPMN
  • Complex Decisions with Decision Requirements Diagrams
  • Decision Flows


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