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The State of Process Automation 2020

The State of Process Automation Report 2020

We surveyed 400 IT decision makers across the US and Europe to uncover trends, challenges and opportunities for improvement when it comes to automating end-to-end business processes.

The State of process automation 2020

The report breaks down their responses and highlights the role process automation now plays in powering innovation across a company – helping to improve customer service, lower costs and maximize utilization of resources and people’s time. View the data on how survey respondents are delivering business value through process automation and benchmark your own progress with digital transformation.

Key highlights:

  • Process automation actively contributes to the success of the organization
  • The rise of remote work has amplified plans for investing in the strategy
  • Poor implementation often leads to broken processes and potential loss of revenue
  • Successful digital transformation relies heavily on well-orchestrated process automation

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97% agree

Virtually all respondents agree process automation is important to their organization’s digital transformation

On average, a single process typically includes five different components

5 components per process
process automation prediction graph

Processes will increasingly be automated, predicted to grow to 58% in the next 24 months