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Process management is not a bureaucratic evil but can be a key instrument for scalable business models.
But to do so we need to get rid of our old ways of thinking. Need an example? The whole Zero Code BPM – Illusion, is one of many errors that have dominated process management in the past.

On 18th March we released our BPM platform under an open source license as Business Process Management is impossible without IT (not everyone likes this, but it’s just the way it is). But of course BPM requires a lot more than purely a technical platform. That’s why we are also, bit by bit, providing our knowledge that we have acquired over the years. You can find both software and knowledge on www.camunda.org.

But that’s not enough.

We know first-hand that BPM works and what is important. We helped more than 500 companies and public organizations to apply BPM selectively or openly. A lot of it worked well, but some didn’t. We need to bring these people together so as to not reinvent the wheel and to realize in time which paradigms do not work (Need an example? The “refinement” of modeled processes via partial- or sub processes, from the process landscape to the executable technical workflow, is rubbish. It doesn’t work that way but unfortunately it’s being tried again and again).

Therefore, we call the Camunda BPM community to life. We will start with evening workshops, preferably hosted by specific BPM-users. The first dates are planned and are taking place at the dwpBank in Frankfurt (Germany), LVM insurance in Münster (Germany) and plexiti in Vienna (Austria). If you want to register for one of these events or stay informed about future events please register here:


The first meeting’s subject will be the introduction of our new open source platform, but further subjects will follow. If you have specific subjects you want to be discussed please contact Nastasja Johnston who will be managing the community via [email protected].

The same applies to BPM-users who are hosting events. If you have specific ideas how the community can support and join fellow BPM enthusiasts feel free to let us know!

Are we doing this without self-interest? Not quite. Camunda will profit as this community grows and prospers. But we are also talking about a win-win situation for all involved!

Therefore: let’s do it 🙂

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