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Three new core Developers join camunda BPM Team

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  • Three new core Developers join camunda BPM Team

A warm welcome to the new guys!

Camunda Platform development Team
Camunda Platform development Team

I am very happy to announce that last week, three new core developers joined our team here at camunda.

Here they are:

Danny GraefDanny Gräf

Danny is an experienced developer and will focus on the backend side of things: process engine, databases, programming models (Spring / CDI) and application server integration.

His GitHub Profile: https://github.com/dgf

Sebastian MenskiSebastian Menski

Sebastian is an expert in distributed systems and networking and joins us as core process engine hacker.
His GitHub Profile: https://github.com/menski

Valentin VagoValentin Vago

Valentin is a seasoned Frontend Developer and JavaScript hacker. We are excited to have our first “pure” fronted developer on the team and we are looking forward to the great features he is going to add to our web applications.

His GitHub Profile: https://github.com/zeropaper

If you are interested in joining our team, have a look at our jobs page.

All the nerds in one picture!
All the nerds in one picture!

Thanks to Falko Menge for taking the pictures!

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