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camunda Modeler 2.4.0 released: Design / Source View and enhanced file handling

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  • camunda Modeler 2.4.0 released: Design / Source View and enhanced file handling
Today we are happy to announce the new release of our camunda Modeler. Beside a couple of bug fixes this version adds a Source / Design view switch and an enhanced file handling.

Checkout the complete list of issues solved in this release. And of course, try out the new modeler and tell us what you think via our forums or on twitter.

The new features were initially developed for camunda Modeler Standalone and are now incorporated into the main modeler codebase. Thanks to Nico’s  work we could align the development of both projects.

Source/Design View
A feature that allows you to switch from the design perspective to the underlying BPMN 2.0 xml. Use the source view to see what is behind the graphical representation or to edit custom attributes.

Enhanced file handling
Open and edit files outside of your eclipse workspace by drag and drop them directly into the editor tab.

Furthermore you can work on a diagram in your favorite text editor while the same file is opened in eclipse. Changes will be recognized by Eclipse so that you will not run into a version conflict.

The new release is available for Eclipse Kepler and Juno/Indigo.

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