Camunda Spring Boot Starter 2.3.0 Released

We are excited to announce the first officially supported release of the Camunda Spring Boot Starter – v. 2.3.0.

Camunda Spring Boot Starter makes it super easy to include a ready-to-use, preconfigured Camunda engine in your Spring Boot application. It offers a very convenient
way to adjust the most used configuration settings, but still allows to use the full power of configuration for experienced users.

The current release does not implement new features. Is mostly concentrates on including the project in the Camunda development lifecycle:

Camunda Spring Boot Starter 2.3.0 relies on Camunda BPM Platform 7.8 by default. You can find the Upgrade guide here.

Success Path

Up to version 2.2.0, Camunda Spring Boot Starter used to be a community extension, a very successful one Rocket emoji.
Now we’re happy to adopt the codebase and make those who use it even more happy!

Once again, we would like to thank Oliver Steinhauer and the many other contributors, who have made the spring boot
starter into what it is today. In particular, we also want to thank Jan Galinski from Holisticon, who not only contributed a lot to this project in the past,
but also took the time to visit us in our Berlin office to review the codebase with us and help us take over responsibility for it.

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