Process Automation Centers of Excellence: the secret behind successful digital transformation

Have you successfully implemented Process Automation technology in areas of your organization, but find yourself struggling to drive further adoption? Are organizational silos, ease of knowledge sharing and resistance to change slowing things down?

You aren’t alone. Moving from pilot and lighthouse projects to a full Process Automation program is a challenge. But, there’s a solution — establishing Process Automation Centers of Excellence (CoE) to share best practices and drive organization-wide digital transformation.

“If you had one team working on the pilot, and probably also the lighthouse project, they will not only have become very familiar with the technology and architecture, but will have learned a couple of valuable lessons the hard way. These are incredibly valuable experiences and you should make sure they can be leveraged in future projects.”

From Project to Program by Bernd Ruecker, Camunda Co-founder and Chief Technologist 

With process automation playing an outsized role in powering innovation, we commissioned a survey of 400 IT decision makers in North America and Europe to benchmark enterprise adoption and determine the biggest trends, challenges and opportunities for improvement: The State of Process Automation. And we discovered that 76% of all respondents reported that they either already have a CoE in place or are actively working on one — to provide leadership, best practices, support and training for Process Automation across an organization.

In fact this number is rising. Organizations invest heavily in the roll-out of process automation across an organization with CoEs growing from 20% a year ago, to 46% today, with an additional 31% being actively planned.

State of Process Automation Report, by Camunda

If you’re interested in establishing a Process Automation CoE in your business, join us for our free webinar: Center of Excellence for Process Automation – the secret behind successful digital transformation on Wednesday, March 10, 17:00 CET/ 11:00 ET.

This expert-led webinar will be joined by guest speakers from Desjardins, Forrester and Natwest to tackle topics including:

  • What does a process automation Center of Excellence look like?
  • How do I get started with establishing a CoE?
  • What challenges should I anticipate, and how do I overcome them?
  • What are some learnings, best practices and practical tips for successful adoption?

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