The Art of Gradual Digital Transformation

Instead of dramatic, rip-and-replace events, Camunda CEO Jakob Freund describes how gradual digital transformation can be a more practical and strategic path to automation.
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  • The Art of Gradual Digital Transformation

An important, yet often overlooked aspect of digital transformation is moving gradually and with intent. While many organizations expect digital transformation initiatives to be dramatic events possibly requiring a rip-and-replace of existing systems, a gradual approach can prove more strategic for organizations looking to invest in long-term, end-to-end process automation and orchestration.

While digital native companies like Amazon have the advantage of building automated processes from scratch, most large organizations face the challenges of legacy technology and culture that locks them into “the way it’s always been done.” My Forbes post on The Art of Gradual Transformation gives executives tips on how to strategically approach digital transformation from all angles – including people, processes and technology. Read more at

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