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Camunda Platform 8.2 brings a suite of features that improve the process development lifecycle and helps you further scale automation. Read the latest.
Explaining our vision for how Camunda embraces low-code to make you more productive.
Eliminate islands of automation by orchestrating processes from end to end.
Camunda Platform 8 is here! Find out why we built Camunda Platform 8, what problems it solves, and why it’s a universal process orchestrator.
As much as we’d all like to operate at the automation levels of an organization like Amazon, most organizations are relatively early in their process automation maturity journey. That’s where a universal process orchestrator like the Camunda Platform comes in.
Explore the tools, technologies and sophistication that go into hyperautomation to evolve your automation strategy.
We’re excited to announce the release of Camunda Platform 7.16.0. Join our webinar on Oct. 19, as Camunda experts discuss the advantages.
Learn the impact of having a chief automation officer or CoE team to spearhead end-to-end process automation efforts across the enterprise.
Instead of dramatic, rip-and-replace events, Camunda CEO Jakob Freund describes how gradual digital transformation can be a more practical and strategic path to automation.