• Spring Boot Starter for the External Task...

    We are happy to announce that Camunda Platform Runtime 7.15 will provide a Spring Boot Starter for the External Task Client. It allows you to implement Service Tasks decoupled from the Process Engine using Spring Boot. In seconds, you can build an executable JAR that can run almost anywhere. In 2018, Camunda released the first version of the External Task Client. Since then, our community member Oliver Steinhauer developed a Starter that combines the External Task Client with Spring Boot. With the 7.15 release, we will add the former Community Extension to the official Camunda Stack and will maintain it as part of future product releases. Let’s look at the following example to get a better understanding of the Spring...

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  • Full Coverage of DMN FEEL 1.2 starting...

    We are happy to announce, that Camunda BPM 7.13 (scheduled for the end of May) includes full coverage of FEEL 1.2 – for more DMN notation elements than before: Input Expressions NEW! Input Entries Output Entries NEW! Literal Expressions NEW! We achieved these improvements by adding the former Community Extension FEEL Scala Engine, written by Philipp Ossler, to the official Camunda Stack.

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  • Camunda External Task Client (Java) 0.1.0-alpha2 Released

    Recently we released the first alpha version of the Camunda External Task Client (Java). Today we are happy to announce the second alpha release. The External Task concept helps to decouple your services from the Workflow Engine. The highlights of this release are: Set variables to the local scope of External Tasks Specify a response timeout to fetch and lock External Tasks (long polling) More serialization formats to exchange object variables (XML and JAVA) You can find the complete release notes here.

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  • Camunda External Task Client (Java) 0.1.0-alpha1 Released

    We are excited to release the first alpha of the Camunda External Task Client (Java). A Workflow Engine typically calls Service Tasks actively. The Java client allows to break with this principle: remote and independent Service Task workers continuously fetch tasks, perform the work and share the result with the Workflow Engine once the work has been done.

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  • Camunda 7.8.0-alpha3 Released

    We are delighted to share the third alpha release of Camunda BPM 7.8 with you! This release features the following improvements: Batch process instance modification in Cockpit (EE) Faster rendering of BPMN diagrams in Cockpit Support for JSON and XML variable types in Cockpit History time to live for batch operations Global configuration for the failed job retry time cycle 20 Bug Fixes To try out Camunda BPM 7.8 you can download one of the distributions or pull and run the docker image. If you want to take a deeper dive, you can find the source code on GitHub. For a complete list of all improvements take a look at the release notes. Please also see the list of known...

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  • Camunda 7.8.0-alpha1 Released

    We are excited to announce the first alpha release of Camunda BPM 7.8. It is packed with new features. In a nutshell, the highlights are: Timezone support Statistics for history cleanup More notation elements for the fluent BPMN builder API New batch operation for changing the suspension state of process instances Upgrade to the latest version of MyBatis 22 Bug Fixes Also see the complete list of release notes and the list of known issues. Be one of the first to try Camunda BPM 7.8! You can download it or run it with docker. There is no reason to hesitate – it is free! If you want to dig in deeper, you can find the source code on GitHub.

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