Camunda Platform

Cloud native process automation designed for performance, scale, availability, and security

Business Critical Processes Never Rest

The speed of modern business has evolved. Being fast isn’t enough. You must accelerate to deliver faster, better experiences than your competition or risk becoming obsolete. Running business critical processes on legacy systems slows you down and puts your business at risk of:

  • Poor customer experiences due to low throughput & performance ceilings
  • High latency and laggy regional performance due to lack of multi-regional architecture 
  • Extended downtime risk with the absence of seamless failover and redundancy

Camunda Platform’s modern architecture enables experiences to be delivered faster, with the massive scale and resilience your business needs to succeed.

Blazing Fast Performance, Low Latency

Camunda Platform’s workflow engine is optimized for global infrastructure and horizontal computing power. Process instances execute in parallel, scaling horizontally as needed for massive throughput, with stable low latency for speed even with unexpected load.

Scale as Needed

Camunda Platform is designed to easily support businesses of all sizes, from small & mid-sized businesses to the largest global enterprises. Our modern cloud-native architecture provides peace of mind with instant horizontal scaling without any infrastructure management overhead.

Multi-Regional, High Availability

We are trusted by hundreds of global leaders across a variety of industries from financial services, insurance, telecom, media and more to run mission critical business processes. Down time is simply not an option. Camunda Platform is designed for maximum resilience by incorporating sophisticated algorithms with replication built-in to provide seamless, uninterrupted replacement of faulty nodes. Additionally, geographic redundancy can be set up for both replication and geo-performant active-active scenarios.

Enterprise Grade Security & Data Protection

Camunda Platform was built from the ground up with enterprise grade security. Our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Data Protection Officer (DPO) work together with our experienced InfoSec team to ensure standards such as ISO 27001 certification are in place. Additionally, routine assessment and monitoring of security policies, penetration testing, virus scans, and physical security protocols are in place. Please visit our Camunda Platform security page to learn more.

Camunda Platform provides the advanced workflow and high throughput capabilities we need while making it easy for us to run millions of process instances at any given time. 

— Kunal Shrestha, Director of Product Management, athenahealth


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