Camunda for Common Good Provides Process Automation Platform for Nonprofits

Press Release

January 5, 2021

Enterprise Platform Donations Help Mission-Driven Organizations Operate More Efficiently, Expanding Their Reach and Impact

WALTHAM, Mass. – January 5, 2021 – Camunda today launched Camunda for Common Good, a program connecting nonprofits and NGOs with enterprise-scale process automation software and services. Participants can access Camunda Platform and related enterprise support and services at no cost, helping them accelerate their operations and reach more people.

Camunda for Common Good grew out of Camunda’s COVID-19 Response, where the company donated its enterprise platform and support to organizations that were working to tackle the challenges of the pandemic. The company is expanding its offer, now making its solutions available to any qualified nonprofit or NGO. Organizations that qualify receive access to Camunda’s Enterprise Edition, onboarding resources including Camunda consulting and online training, as well as ongoing support from Camunda’s expert team

“We’re committed to supporting organizations that are working to make a difference and improve people’s lives. Mission-driven organizations sometimes struggle to scale their operations; we want to knock down barriers that might prevent them from automating the processes that drive their organization,” said Jakob Freund, CEO and co-founder of Camunda”.

Heimstatt e.V. Bonn, a Catholic youth services nonprofit in Germany, is among the first organizations to adopt Camunda’s solutions through Camunda for Common Good.

“Heimstatt e.V. Bonn runs two youth centers and two housing projects for young people in addition to a variety of other programs. With the help of Camunda’s process automation platform, we’ll be able to minimize the manual administration processes that our social workers have to spend time on, allowing them to focus on the kids rather than the paperwork,” said Heidi Fuerst, head of administration at Heimstatt e.V. Bonn.

Camunda Platform is standards-based, helping developers and business stakeholders collaborate to ensure business processes run exactly as they should. The platform’s open and scalable architecture helps organizations achieve true end-to-end process automation.

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