Camunda’s COVID-19 Response: Helping tackle critical challenges in the pandemic

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Coronavirus has changed the world as we know it and together we’re navigating a new normal. The incredible worldwide response to this challenge is truly inspiring, especially the way individuals and organizations are rapidly developing solutions to a whole new set of problems. We want to help you any way we can.

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We have seen many organizations pivoting fast to respond to urgent needs – either to support the overburdened health care systems directly, to help manage unexpected customer needs or to better organize tasks for a workforce that is suddenly working remotely. These shifts in demands and how business gets done, brought on by the pandemic, may have transformed operations that now require technological orchestration and process automation across thousands of individuals, countries, languages and time zones. And we realize that many of you might not have the tools and resources to quickly adapt your systems to cope with these challenges.

This is why we’ve put together a special package for initiatives and organizations helping society tackle the challenges of COVID-19 — we will donate our Enterprise products for qualified organizations completely free of charge, so you can scale operations as fast as possible. Our experts will help your teams hit the ground running with Camunda consulting and online training. Plus our experienced support teams will be on hand to help each step of the way, as you tackle the most challenging issues we have faced as a global society.

One project at a time: connecting health care workers with supplies

We’re proud to be working with the incredible RemedyMatch – a logistics platform that matches donated protective medical articles like gloves, masks, coats and disinfectants, with organizations who need them, such as clinics, resident doctors, nurses, retail workers or people caring for sick relatives. We found each other through the WirVSVirus hackathon – an initiative run by the German government in March to develop, test and improve solutions for emerging challenges surrounding COVID-19.

“RemedyMatch is bridging the delivery bottlenecks during the COVID-19 pandemic and working hard to ensure the personal protection of those on the frontlines.” says Matthias Diener Head of Marketing at RemedyMatch.

“We use Camunda as the backend of our logistics solution to make sure we can quickly and accurately match thousands of protective articles with people who need them each day, and then ensure they arrive as fast as possible, so our frontline workers are safe and able to continue their amazing efforts.”

How do I get involved?

If you represent an organization or initiative directly involved in helping society tackle the challenges of COVID-19, please reach out to us via this link.

Stay safe, stay healthy – we’re in this together.

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