Camunda Streamlines Hybrid Workflows for Process Automation

Press Release

October 12, 2021

Process automation software provider Camunda today unveiled its latest release with new features that enable developers and enterprise architects to design unrivaled customer experiences and improve operational efficiency by tightly orchestrating complex, hybrid business processes containing both automated and manual tasks.  

“Automate as much as possible is common advice for companies that are pursuing digital transformation. But even if work can’t be automated, it must be orchestrated,” said Daniel Meyer, chief technology officer of Camunda. “Whether it’s a single manual task in an otherwise-automated process or a workflow consisting of only tasks performed by people, it’s important that the right tasks are done at the right time by the right person or system. Our latest release simplifies how software developers can create tasks and quickly combine and orchestrate them in an efficient end-to-end process. This helps organizations achieve higher levels of operational efficiency, which in turn, leads to improved customer experiences.”

Camunda Platform provides software developers with  the ability to design, implement, and analyze end-to-end processes by orchestrating not only fully automated tasks, but also manual tasks for common hybrid use cases. Human interactions can include anything from human decision making for credit applications to the addition of human touch points that cannot be replicated by automation such as providing empathy in a customer service situation.

Covéa Insurance Plc  is implementing automation as a way to improve experience for both its customer service and its people through hybrid workflows. The firm deployed Camunda as part of a larger digital transformation to build an in-house claims management platform.

“Camunda provides the tools and standards that help us meaningfully engage operational staff in business process design and execution. Long term, our aim is to introduce automation wherever possible and appropriate to make our workflows as efficient as possible, freeing up time for our people to focus on delivering great customer service at every interaction,” said Simon Hickling, chief architect at Covéa.

According to the Forrester Research, Inc., February 2020 report, Recognize And Cultivate The Impact Of CSRs’ Human Touch And Dedication On CX Quality, “By removing repetitive, low-value tasks from customer service agents, automation lets them focus on where their human touch adds the most value. This has a double positive impact: It reduces costs and improves agents’ work satisfaction.” 

Camunda’s latest release adds improved human workflows, enhanced reporting & monitoring, enterprise readiness and more:

  • Create task forms that guide human input and interaction easier with a new drag-and-drop form designer. Camunda Platform 7.16 adds new form components for designing richer experiences, faster. Form versioning is also introduced, allowing for easier form deployments.
  • Organize and document error-prone manual tasks with Camunda’s easy-to-use web app and new form components.
  • Analyze data with rich reporting and visualization to continuously improve fully automated, hybrid, and human workflows. Camunda Platform 7.16 introduces new multi-process filtering and visualization so you can tailor reports and dashboards to your unique needs.
  • Expanded enterprise-ready capabilities such as centralized management of roles and permissions, individual- and group-level task assignment, and a Catalog for sharing reusable human workflow process models.


Camunda Platform 7.16 is distributed as a free, open source Community Edition as well as a commercial Enterprise Edition. Open source downloads and a free trial of the Enterprise Edition are available at

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