Camunda Alpha Release June 2024

We're excited to announce the June 2024 alpha release of Camunda. Check out what's new, from AI Docs integrations to Connector improvements to Helm Chart updates.
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We’re excited to share that the latest alpha release of Camunda is now live and available for download. For our SaaS customers who are up to date, you may have already noticed some of these features as we make them available for you automatically.

Below you’ll find a quick summary of everything new in Camunda for this month.

Web Modeler

The alpha includes the following new features for Web Modeler.

Self-Managed Developer Edition

Web Modeler Self-Managed is now free to use for anyone. Packaged as part of Camunda’s public Docker distribution, you can test out Camunda’s collaborative modeling and development lifecycle features before deciding to get a license. Currently, each Modeler project is limited to 5 users or less.

Try the Docker Compose setup to get Web Modeler up and running quickly.

Process Applications

Process applications, previously only available with Web Modeler SaaS (see previous alpha release), are now available in Web Modeler Self-Managed. This release also comes with some smaller improvements: For example, you can now reassign the main process, making it easier to migrate existing files to a process application.


To learn more about process applications, follow our more detailed documentation.

Camunda’s Docs AI integration (SaaS only)

Camunda’s Docs AI is now available while you’re modeling. Beyond the standard built-in guidance like tooltips, users who opt-in to AI features can ask complex questions about how to develop their processes without leaving the Modeler. The Docs AI pulls best practices and technical instructions from our docs, forum posts, and blog so you can spend less time searching for information and more time developing.


We hope you enjoy everything in the latest Web Modeler 8.6.0-alpha2 release!

Desktop Modeler

This month we have made several minor updates and bug fixes in Desktop Modeler. We hope you enjoy the latest release!


We have several updates to our Connectors in this release including:

Inbound Connector message queue

With this alpha release, you can enhance your BPMN workflow reliability with selective message acknowledgments, enabling precise error handling and notification for unmatched messages through RabbitMQ’s dead letter queue configuration. You can control the message acknowledgment process so acknowledgments are only sent if the message is correlated to a process instance and meets the activation condition.

Inbound intermediate element template property

There is a new inbound intermediate element template property, ‘Message TTL.’ This Time-to-live (TTL) property is now configurable for inbound Connectors. The default value is set to 0. You can get more information on this property in the documentation.

Outbound JDBC database Connectors

Camunda now offers seamless data exchange between Camunda and databases. The new database connector simplifies data exchange with:

  • MySQL
  • MS SQL
  • PostgreSQL

This Connector allows you to read and write data directly from your Camunda processes. This integration enables a wide range of process blueprints and use cases to be executed on Camunda without additional installation or development.

With the new Camunda Connector, you can seamlessly integrate database operations into your workflows. This feature reduces complexity, enhances security, and lowers maintenance costs by providing a robust and efficient method for data exchange directly within Camunda .

Amazon SageMaker

You can now integrate machine learning (ML) cases into your existing processing using Amazon Sagemaker Connector. With this Connector, you can effortlessly integrate machine learning functionalities into your workflows directly harnessing Amazon SageMaker’s machine learning services within Camunda, streamlining the process and allowing for greater focus on process enhancement and innovation.

Check out the full release notes for this month’s Connectors 8.6.0-alpha2 release here.


With this alpha release, we have made improvements to process instance migrations.

Instance migration automapping

Process instance migration now supports the automatic mapping of process activities. This maps the activities with the same flow node ID in the source to the matching target process flow node ID automatically to speed up the migration plan and enhance the user experience.

We hope you enjoy everything in the latest Operate 8.6.0-alpha2 release!


Several things are included with this alpha release of Zeebe including the following:

Instance migration for Call activities

Zeebe now supports the migration of process instances that include Call activities. This includes support of child process instances as well.

Server-side long polling

With this alpha release, server-side long polling is now configurable allowing for longer polling periods. This can reduce the impact of a high number of workers on a cluster when job streaming is enabled.

Check out the full release notes for this month’s Zeebe 8.6.0-alpha2 release here.


This month’s alpha release included bug fixes and additional work streamlining the architecture.


We have included the new features for this alpha release below.

Persistable Personal Task Filters

With this alpha release, we provided persistent personal task filters to help Tasklist users focus on relevant tasks and manage their workload more efficiently.

We have a set of default filters available for Tasklist as shown below.


You can elect to create a new filter using any of the supported attributes:

  • Assignees and candidate groups
  • Status
  • Processes tasks belong to
  • Dates (due date and follow-up date)
  • Task ID
  • Task variables

Once complete, you can save the filter, which will appear as an option in your list of filters.


Show process diagram and progress in tasks detail view

With this release, you can now have a clear understanding of your task context by viewing the entire process diagram, including previous, current, and upcoming activities.

From the task detail page, you can switch to the “Process” tab. This tab provides a visual representation of the BPMN diagram for the selected task. This helps you understand how an individual task fits into the larger workflow, what activities happened earlier, and what’s coming next.


We hope you enjoy everything in the latest TaskList 8.6.0-alpha2 release.

Helm Chart

We have included some updates to our handling of Helm charts in this alpha release.

Externally defined existing secret

Web Modeler now supports referencing existing Kubernetes secrets containing the database and SMTP passwords so passwords are no longer required to be in plain text eliminating a potential security vulnerability.

New folder-based structure for Helm chart GitHub repository

We have implemented a new folder-based structure to help streamline our continuous improvement (CI) and further encourage the backporting of patches.

Camunda 7

You can find the latest release notes for Camunda Platform 7.22.0-alpha2 on our forums. Check them out here.

Thank you

We hope you enjoy the latest updates! For more, be sure to review the latest release notes as well. If you have any feedback or thoughts, please feel free to contact us or let us know on our forum.

If you don’t have an account, you can try out the latest version today with a free trial.

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