Camunda Alpha Release May 2024

We're excited to announce the May 2024 alpha release of Camunda. Check out what's new, from AI Connectors to BPMN improvements to enhanced security.
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We’re excited to share that the latest alpha release of Camunda is now live and available for download. For our SaaS customers who are up to date, you may have already noticed some of these features as we make them available for you automatically.

Below you’ll find a quick summary of everything new in Camunda for this month.

Web Modeler

The alpha includes the following new features for Web Modeler.

Process Applications (currently SaaS only)

A process application is a special type of folder in Web Modeler that allows you to work on a set of related files and deploy them together in a single bundle with just one click. This makes it more convenient to deploy all related files in an application and reduces the risk of having a broken deployment at runtime.

Process applications are recommended when you have one main BPMN process that represents your end-to-end use case and additional files the main process requires. These can be supporting processes, DMN decisions, and forms. To learn more about process applications and how to use them, follow our more detailed documentation.


Product Development Life Cycle (PDLC) Blueprint

The Camunda Marketplace now offers process blueprints as well as Connectors. One of the new blueprints is a customizable process blueprint for CI/CD pipelines. This blueprint provides a ready-to-use proof of concept for a Continuous Improvement/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline for Web Modeler, enabling you to synchronize Web Modeler files to GitLab and deploy them across different environments.


New design for BPMN diagram overlay

In this release, we offer a new design for overlay on BPMN diagrams. The design is less intrusive for overlays and we also indicate the presence of documentation in our diagrams.


Browse organization-wide element templates

You can now browse your organization-wide element templates with the Shared Resources tab on the Home page. Users can browse shared element templates in one place, and organization owners can manage their shared templates from one place.


Discover process blueprint dialog

Discover all the available process blueprints to kickstart your new process by accessing the ability to browse process blueprints as shown below.


Click on the Use Blueprint button to import the selected process blueprint into Modeler within seconds.


We hope you enjoy everything in the latest Web Modeler 8.6.0-alpha1 release!

Desktop Modeler

There have been several updates to Desktop Modeler with this release including:

Business knowledge model editing added to DMN modeling

Now DMN modeling supports the implementation of business knowledge models (BKM) as literal expressions inside your DRDs, offering more flexibility in decision modeling while reducing the complexity of your DMN diagrams and speeding up implementation.


Basic Authorization support for deployments to Camunda Self-Managed

Now for self-managed Camunda deployments, you can secure your instances with basic HTTP authorization. You can provide credentials when deploying.


Support for ARM64 and MacOS

This release introduces ARM64 support for MacOS, ensuring compatibility with Apple’s latest hardware.

Check out the full release notes for this month’s Desktop Modeler 5.23.0 release right here.


We have several updates to our Connectors in this release including:

Deduplication Groups

Before this release, you could experience race conditions or unexpected behavior when you had multiple inbound Connectors in the same process reading from the same queue. Camunda has solved this issue in this release by providing deduplication groups so that multiple Connectors in a single process diagram can map to a single Connectors executable.

Customers can enjoy automatic grouping or manually group their Connectors using a Deduplication ID.


Download supported inbound Connector templates from the Marketplace to try out this feature!

New AI Connectors

Camunda has released two additional AI Connectors that are available on Marketplace.

Azure OpenAI

You can now generate text using Azure OpenAI Service’s completion endpoints with our new Azure OpenAI Connector.



Use our new Hugging Face Connector to test and evaluate thousands of machine learning models powered by the Hugging Face Inference API.


New features in out-of-the-box (OOTB) Connectors

We have also expanded the features in our OOTB Connectors in this release including:

  • There is now a status code available in the expression response.
  • The Kafka Connector supports Avro deserialization in the experimental stage.
  • The Slack Inbound Connector now provides activity logs.
  • The Gitlab Connector allows both the getting and updating of repository files.

Check out the full release notes for this month’s Connectors 8.6.0-alpha1 release right here.


Batch Move Process Instance Modification

With this release, operating mass incidents is easier with Batch Instance Modification. If there was an issue in process execution that caused you to enter the wrong process branch or data was corrupted, you can select multiple process instances and move them to the correct place in the process.


We hope you enjoy everything in the latest Operate 8.6.0-alpha1 release!


Several things are included with this alpha release of Zeebe including the following:

Merge of Operate and Tasklist into Zeebe

With this release, Operate and Tasklist were merged into the Zeebe distribution and repository. This was a cross-team effort milestone with refactoring and a large CI/CD effort, but we are pleased to have this completed. You can find more details here.

Soft pause exporters

With the ability to now soft pause exporting, you can keep getting updates in Operate, but without recording that anything was exported. This allows you to keep your backups consistent without having to pause exporting anymore.

Execution listeners

Execution listeners enable pre and post-execution tasks associated with process activities. These are crucial for handling complex variable management, updating internal databases, and executing complex code without altering the BPMN diagram.

With this release, Zeebe now supports execution listeners for all task times. This allows you to listen for events on process activation and completion.

And, as usual, many bug fixes were included in this release. Check out the full release notes for this month’s Zeebe 8.6.0-alpha1 release right here.


This month’s alpha release included general bug fixes and other minor improvements.


Increased security against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks

In this release, Tasklist supports CSRF tokens which fortifies the security of your interactions by ensuring that every request made through the user interface (UI) is explicitly verified and authorized. With CSRF token protection, users can confidently manage their tasks knowing that each action is safeguarded against unauthorized requests, providing an additional layer of security against potential web threats.

Relative dates on task cards

With this release, relative dates are now shown on the task tiles including:

  • Creation date
  • Due Date
  • Follow-up Date

We hope you enjoy everything in the latest TaskList 8.6.0-alpha1 release!

Camunda Platform 7

You can find the latest release notes for Camunda Platform 7.22.0-alpha1 on our forums. Check them out right here.

Thank you

We hope you enjoy the latest updates! For more, be sure to review the latest release notes as well. If you have any feedback or thoughts, please feel free to contact us or let us know on our forum. If you don’t have an account, you can try out the latest version today with a free trial.

If you don’t have an account, you can try out the latest version today with a free trial.

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