• Three hidden threats of RPA technical debt...

    If you’re looking to selectively automate the work of individual components in legacy systems, and help automate processes without a significant time investment — RPA should be on your radar.  Global companies like Deutsche Telekom have already introduced and automated 2,500 individual bots, resulting in savings of more than 100 million Euros. However, relying too heavily on RPA can land you in hot water. Paul Jones, Business Automation Services at NatWest even classifies RPA as technical debt.  So what can you do to avoid this debt? Prevention is the best cure and before jumping on the RPA bandwagon, think carefully about whether you need an RPA solution, or a workflow engine. Losing control of long-running processes The ability to automate...

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  • Introducing the Camunda Cloud Early Access Program

    At CamundaCon Live today, I was thrilled to unveil the next step on the Camunda Cloud roadmap – the Camunda Cloud Early Access Program. Now your team can get started on Camunda Cloud, running your clusters with more resources, a higher replication factor and a higher partition count.

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  • Announcing the Camunda Cloud Public Beta: Workflow Engineered for the Cloud (For Everyone!)

    Tl;dr the Camunda Cloud beta is now open to everyone! You can sign up here. Last September at CamundaCon Berlin, we unveiled Camunda Cloud: a scalable, on-demand workflow platform. Camunda Cloud is the first BPMN-based workflow technology that’s been engineered specifically for the cloud and offered as an on-demand cloud service. It was a major milestone for our company.

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  • Mary Thengvall joins Camunda

    I am very happy to announce that Mary Thengvall is joining Camunda as our new Director of Developer Relations.

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  • The Camunda Stack In 2018: The Year In Review

    The year is coming to an end, so I want to take a moment to consider the progress our product teams have made this year and, most of all, thank everybody for their fantastic work. We have achieved great things this year, taking major steps in our mission to set the standard for workflow automation technology that brings developers and business people together. Where we are coming from and what drives us When we launched the Camunda open source project in 2013, we put forward a very [simple hypothesis]([ref "/post/2013/04/the-camunda-hypothesis.md"]): Business process automation projects are most successful when software developers and business people work together. In our opinion, only BPM software that enabled this was good BPM software. At the...

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  • Reporting Security Issues

    Maintaining the security of Camunda BPM is an important task for us. In our documentation, we have published our Security Policy which explains how we deal with security issues. Besides our proactive efforts, it is very valuable to us when we get feedback by the community about security issues which may exist in Camunda itself (or much more commonly) in one of the libraries and dependencies we are using. When you report security issues, we can investigate them, assess their impact on different usage scenarios, provide fixes and publish a security notice. To give you an example: In January, Kai Ullrich from Code White approached us and reported that using Camunda’s API, it is possible, once authenticated, to submit a...

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  • First Camunda Community Day in San Francisco

    The first Camunda community day in San Francisco took place on November 9th. More than 80% of people registered actually dropped by which is really great considering that registration was free. It was great to welcome attendees from all over the bay area, including Autodesk, SAP, LinkedIn, Gainsight, Intuit and Zymergen. The highlight of the day was the presentation given by Jimmy Floyd from 24 Hour Fitness. 24 Hour Fitness "is the world’s largest (by memberships) privately owned and operated fitness center chain" (Wikipedia) with more than 400 locations. Jimmy explained how they use Camunda BPM for running their core business processes. They have more than 190 processes in production. BPMN given them great visibility into their business. Before mapping...

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  • Camunda BPM 7.7.0 Released

    Camunda BPM Platform 7.7.0 is here, greatly improving the technical operations of the platform. The highlights are: Automated, configurable "cleanup" of the history database to avoid large amounts of data New features for Camunda Cockpit (monitoring of external tasks, direct deployment of processes, drill-down for monitoring metrics) Drastic reduction of optimistic locking exceptions when using Job Executor Process Instance Modification for large batches (via API) Process Instance Restart API (single and batch) Improved and more detailed documented security mechanisms Additional technical supported environments (IBM WAS 9, PostgreSQL 9.6, MySQL 5.7). The complete release notes are available in Jira. List of known Issues. You can Download Camunda For Free or Run it with Docker.

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