• Camunda 7.9.0-alpha4 Released

    Camunda BPM platform 7.9.0-alpha4 is here and the highlights are: External Task Notifications for Long Polling Version Tag Binding in Business Rule Task and Call Activity Asynchronous Modification of a Single Process Instance History Cleanup in Multiple Threads Camunda WildFly Swarm Community Extension Integration of the Latest Version of dmn-js 20 Fixes You can Download Camunda for free (click on Preview Release) or Run it with Docker. To see a full list of the changes, please check out our Release Notes and the list of Known Issues. If you want to dig in deeper, you can find the source code on GitHub. External Task Notifications for Long Polling With the preceding Camunda 7.9.0-alpha2 release, we introduced a long polling Fetch...

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  • Camunda Node.js External Task Client 0.1.0-alpha Released

    We are so excited to announce what the team has been cooking for the past few weeks: camunda-external-task-client.js, a Node.js client for Camunda External Tasks! The main features set includes: Fetch & Lock Tasks Globally Task Completion Lock Time Manipulation Fetch & Lock Tasks Globally A detail about the Camunda Engine API worth pointing out is that it’s possible to fetch external tasks as a batch independently of their specific topics. The Client performs Fetch & Lock in batches, leading to significantly less requests and a superior performance compared to executing the same operation per topic. Furthermore, it offers to start/stop polling for available tasks and distributes them by topic. Each individual topic can be subscribed in order to complete...

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  • Camunda 7.9.0-alpha2 Released

    The second alpha version of Camunda 7.9.0 is here and it’s loaded with new features. The highlights are: Throttle login attempts Long polling for ‘Fetch and Lock’ of External Tasks Additional filtering options for ‘Fetch and Lock’ Support for expressions in External Task topics Jackson version update Support for Tomcat 9

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