Camunda Node.js External Task Client 0.1.0-alpha Released

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We are so excited to announce what the team has been cooking for the past few weeks: camunda-external-task-client.js,
a Node.js client for Camunda External Tasks!

The main features set includes:

  • Fetch & Lock Tasks Globally
  • Task Completion
  • Lock Time Manipulation

Fetch & Lock Tasks Globally

A detail about the Camunda Engine API worth pointing out is that it’s possible to fetch external tasks as a batch independently of their specific topics.
The Client performs Fetch & Lock in batches, leading to significantly less requests and a superior performance
compared to executing the same operation per topic.
Furthermore, it offers to start/stop polling for available tasks and distributes them by topic.
Each individual topic can be subscribed in order to complete associated tasks by a specified handler function.

Task Completion

The Client offers already the full range of features related to completing a task.
When the handler function has completed the desired work, it can signal the process engine to continue the process execution after the service task.
Moreover, it can be signaled that the execution of the task has failed or a business error needs to be handled.

Lock Time Manipulation

Beside actions related to completion, the lock time of a task can be manipulated. The lock time refers to the time period during which a task is unavailable for Fetch & Lock , as it’s already
being processed.
In some use cases it is required to be able to extend the lock time or unlock the task immediately.
Therefore, camunda-external-task-client.js supports both features.

How to get it?

Check out this link to see install & usage guidelines, API
documentation, and source code of camunda-external-task-client.js.

What’s next?

Variable support is the next topic we will tackle before the next release.


Do you miss anything or spot a bug? Or do you have feedback on this release?

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