• How to Orchestrate AWS Lambda using Camunda...

    I recently spoke at the AWS Community Summit and wanted to share how BPMN and cloud-native workflow technology are a straightforward and highly visual way of orchestrating multiple AWS Lambdas to achieve a bigger goal.

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  • Let’s Face it, BPMN and DMN Rock!

    I often describe process based applications as a lot like Lego ®. Functions and services are like the different types and styles of bricks, BPMN process models are the instructions to assemble those bricks into desired models or outcomes. Hence much like the Lego analogy, from a few re-usable services, I can use BPMN processes to assemble a multitude of useful outcomes. With the trend towards public API’s and the ease of access to cloud based services, my Lego kit just got a whole lot larger! Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently released additional Artificial Intelligence (AI) services into their Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering. One in particular called Rekognition caught my attention. Rekognition includes a set of image processing...

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