Camunda Now Available on the AWS Marketplace

Camunda Self-Managed is available on the AWS Marketplace. You can now purchase it there with just a few clicks and start orchestrating quickly.
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We’re excited to announce that Camunda Self-Managed is now available on the AWS Marketplace, making it easier than ever for AWS customers to orchestrate their most complex and business-critical processes.

AWS customers can purchase Camunda through the AWS Marketplace with just a few clicks. You’ll get access to a Helm chart that will install Camunda on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). Amazon EKS allows you to take full advantage of Zeebe’s cloud-native design, which provides high performance and resilience as process volumes scale up.

You’ll also benefit from Web Modeler, our tool for process design and collaboration; Tasklist for work that has to be done by people; Operate for process monitoring and troubleshooting; and Optimize for analytics that help you improve your processes’ performance.

AWS Support provides 24x7x365 help for customers running Camunda, with flexible support pricing plans so you can choose what fits your needs. AWS customers are also welcome to open tickets with the Camunda Support Team via

If you purchase Camunda through the AWS Marketplace, you can choose to add on an advanced support SLA, private classroom training, and consulting hours. Visit these pages to learn about our offerings:

To see all of the details, visit the AWS Marketplace. If you’re interested in purchasing Camunda via the AWS Marketplace, please reach out to us via [email protected] so we can discuss your anticipated usage metrics and help you get started.

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