• CamundaCon 2021 Keynotes Revealed: Angie Jones &...

    We’re excited to share two new keynote speakers who we just added to our CamundaCon 2021 agenda, each of whom will be leading important discussions related to process automation.

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  • CamundaCon 2021: Get with the Program

    The countdown has officially begun for CamundaCon 2021. Our agenda is now live, and registration is open for you to reserve your spot and join us September 22–23.

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  • Camunda at NASA: Perseverance prepares to land...

    A mammoth seven-month, 470-million-km (292,044-million-miles) journey is about to come to an end — in just a few short hours the Perseverance rover is scheduled to touch down on Mars.  But the hardest part of the journey is still to come. The descent down to the Red Planet, dubbed “seven minutes of terror” by NASA engineers, will see Perseverance slow its descent from a blistering 20,000km/h (12,427m/ph) down to a ‘slow walk’, before gently landing in Jezero Crater. A NASA illustration showing the Perseverance heat shield separation, which will occur during descent today — Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech NASA Mission Control expects to receive confirmation that it has hit the top of the Martian atmosphere at around 21:48 CET / 15:48 EST...

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  • Hello Process Automation, Good Bye 2020

    Like many, at Camunda we’re looking forward to getting 2020 behind us. Yet with all its challenges and unexpected twists and turns, we were fortunate to also experience many bright spots throughout the year.  The pandemic forced us, along with our user community, customers and partners to revisit well-laid plans and work around inevitable disruptions. Yet, as organizations large and small navigated the challenges associated with remote work and newly distributed teams, the need for the “digital enterprise” and fully automated processes became more apparent than ever. Our process automation platform proved to be fast to implement and scale in a time of need and helped many organizations around the world to adapt to new circumstances.  As a result, we...

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  • The State of Process Automation 2020

    Digital transformation is not a “nice-to-have.” Today, it’s essential to business survival, and you’ll find organizations around the world scrambling to make the vision of the digital enterprise a reality. Many are moving to modern architectures, incorporating the cloud, microservices and mobile applications while also fixing short-term bottlenecks using RPA or automating human tasks as remote work becomes widespread. As a result, process automation has emerged as a linchpin for digital transformation, powering innovation across a company. Process automation is equally sought after to improve an organization’s top line as well as its bottom line – helping to improve customer service, lower costs and drive business growth. With process automation playing an outsized role in powering innovation, Camunda commissioned a...

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  • The Pulse of Process Automation

    This year has redefined ‘business as usual’ and we wanted to gauge how process automation was playing in a role in 2020 and beyond. So when our global community gathered for CamundaCon LIVE 2020.1 in April, we ran a global pulse survey with 160 attendees — from Germany and the USA, to South Africa and Ecuador — and we asked everything, from how COVID-19 had impacted business, to where they saw the future of process automation.  Here’s what we discovered: Are you interested in learning more about the future of process automation? Join us for CamundaCon LIVE 2020.2 this October 8-9th, to hear first-hand from leading enterprises, from Deutsche Telekom to the University of Pennsylvania, on how they are using...

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  • Announcing CamundaCon Live 2020.2 — October 8-9

    Save the date, share your story – CamundaCon Live 2020.2 will be coming live to your laptop October 8th – 9th. And we’ve already opened our call for presentations. More than 6,500 people participated in our last virtual CamundaCon and we are excited to announce that CamundaCon Live 2020.2 will be held on October 8th – 9th. Originally, we had planned to welcome you to Berlin for our annual user conference CamundaCon – but social distancing measures mean we won’t be gathering together in person. While we miss seeing our community, customers, partners, and friends, we’re excited to bring you all together again in our second global virtual conference, with the added benefit of expanding access to so many more...

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  • CamundaCon Live Opens for a Global Community of 6,000 Attendees

    It was just one month ago that we opened registration for our first global online conference for process automation — CamundaCon LIVE. We originally planned to host our annual CamundaCon conference in New York City, but like so many others had to quickly pivot to an online event when it was clear the pandemic would prevent us from gathering.

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