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Registration is now open for CamundaCon LIVE – our free online process and workflow automation conference on April 23-24. Join us wherever you are in the world and connect live online with the Camunda Community.

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As we all adjust to remote work, away from colleagues and friends in response to COVID-19, a silver lining in this challenging time is the opportunity to bring the global Camunda Community together virtually, welcoming more of you than ever before to join our CamundaCon Live conference

Live Case Studies and Technical Tracks

We’ve lined up more than 20 fantastic speakers from leading organizations including Capital One, Fidelity Investments, Goldman Sachs, Keller Williams, Nokia Bell Labs, Societe Generale, and 24 Hour Fitness, who’ll share how they’re deploying workflow and decision automation within their organization to achieve better customer experiences and business outcomes.

Plus we’ll have technical tracks and live discussions from Camunda experts, sharing product updates and inspiration, including an overview of the Camunda product roadmap from our CTO Daniel Meyer.

Camundacon Berlin 2019

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You can register at absolutely no charge; plus you’ll also have access to an on-demand archive of sessions after the conference closes. Check out the agenda and sign up at [](

We can’t wait to see you in the virtual world!

Camundacon Live

Bernd Ruecker

  • Camunda Cloud Console Go Client Library

    When working with multiple projects and multiple Cloud Services automation becomes a must. Camunda Cloud resources such as Zeebe Clusters and Camunda Operate are no different from other components such as Databases, or Message brokers, these need to be provisioned for your applications to connect with. This project allows you to connect to the Camunda Cloud Console using the Go language or a command-line tool, allowing you to create automation around when remote environments are created and destroyed. You can connect to these APIs using any language as these APIs are just REST endpoints, but if you have automated pipelines using a command-line tool might be the best fit for you.  This project provides a binary that you can download...

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  • The Journey from Camunda BPM to Camunda...

    You might have noticed something a little different about our recent release announcement: Camunda BPM is now Camunda Platform. We’ve renamed our process automation solution to better reflect our mission to help organizations automate any process, anywhere. And, to be perfectly honest, we are also keeping up with what we’re hearing in the field — many of our users and customers already informally refer to “Camunda Platform” or even just “the platform” or simply “Camunda” when talking about the product. During CamundaCon 2020.2, our CEO, Jakob Freund, explained that processes are the algorithms that determine how an organization runs. They define how we work within our own team or across teams, and they influence the way we deal with our...

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  • Countdown to the Camunda Community Summit

    Introducing our speaker line-up and the Camunda Community Awards  Camunda has always been focused on creating an excellent experience for developers everywhere who are trying to automate processes. From our days as a small process automation consulting firm to the powerful products used by hundreds around the globe, our engineering mindset and commitment to our community has always been at the heart of what we do. Which is why we’re excited to share the final speaker line-up for our first ever Camunda Community Summit, taking place April 27-28, 2021.  Highlights will include presentations from: Adrianna Tan, San Francisco Digital Services, will explore Automation in Local Government Digital Services in a Post-Pandemic World.  Markus Stahl, Deutsche Post Adress GmbH presenting: Open...

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