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Helvetia is active in the life, property and casualty and reinsurance business, and almost 5,200 employees provide services to more than 2.7 million customers. With a business volume of CHF 7.0 billion, Helvetia posted a net profit of CHF 333.1 million in the 2012 financial year.


In Camunda BPM we found a lightweight BPMN 2.0-platform that we could integrate perfectly into our existing Java EE platform and architecture. Even individual requirements can be implemented with our usual programming model. This gives us the necessary flexibility within our department. Java developers can use their existing knowledge and quickly found their way around the engine. Camunda supported us greatly, starting with the analysis of our specific requirements all the way to the implementation of our first project. Examples for the different requests were delivered in the form of patterns, which could be implemented according to our requirements. The support convinced through its very fast response times and good solutions.

-Andreas Eigenmann, IT Solution Engineer

Use of the new DMN standard

Since 2013, Helvetia has been using Camunda BPM as an Embedded Engine in more than six Java EE applications productively and with an increasing tendency.

Helvetia is currently building the first application with the new DMN standard on automated decision-making contained in Camunda BPM.