Build a Centralized Process Automation Platform

Grow beyond a lighthouse project to scale process automation across your organization.

Drive Process Automation Adoption for All Teams

Process automation typically starts with a pilot program to select a workflow technology, followed by a lighthouse project in which a team delivers clearly defined goals in a limited amount of time. But how do you grow beyond a lighthouse project to scale adoption across your entire organization?

Many enterprises scale process automation by providing a centralized automation platform as a standard solution to the entire organization. Teams can use the platform to automate their own use cases without having to select a new technology, and they can share best practices and lessons learned. Standardizing also promotes consistency for reporting and compliance.

Process Automation Platform Checklist

When building a centralized process automation platform, keep these things in mind:

  • The platform must be able to orchestrate business processes that involve many different types of work: from human tasks to automated work that requires APIs, microservices, RPA bots, IoT devices, AI/ML tools, legacy systems, and more
  • The platform must be able to manage complex, long-running business processes with technical features such as state persistence, message correlation, timeout handling, error handling, compensation for problems, and status transparency
  • The platform must have an open, flexible architecture that can integrate with the rest of your technology stack in a way that’s easy to implement and maintain
  • The platform should be able to scale as teams automate more and more processes and as the platform executes an increasing number of process instances
  • The platform should facilitate collaboration between IT teams and business users so they can work together to implement automated processes quickly and accurately
  • The platform should help you continuously improve and optimize processes through comprehensive reports and dashboards that cover processes from start to finish

Build Your Process Automation Platform with Camunda


  • Create, edit, and deploy process diagrams using the BPMN standard
  • Collaborate across business and IT teams to design and share process flows
  • Streamline automation efforts by building a catalog of reusable templates
  • Work with large, complex DMN decision tables in an easy-to-use interface


  • Drastically increase process performance with a cloud-native workflow engine that’s designed for speed, scale, and resilience
  • Execute DMN decision tables and decision requirements diagrams
  • Integrate human workflows with an out-of-the-box GUI for manual tasks; no front-end development required
  • Discover, analyze, and solve technical problems in production, in real time


  • Monitor all process automation activity in one place, no matter where processes are being executed
  • Provide stakeholders with customizable reports and dashboards on process performance
  • Keep stakeholders informed about real-time process activity through configurable alerts
  • Use BPMN heatmaps to identify bottlenecks and continuously improve automated business processes

Managing 3000+ Workflows at Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs has used Camunda to build an internal automation platform that enables software developers to work faster and allows business stakeholders to contribute to process automation projects. This collaboration helps Goldman Sachs deliver process automation at enterprise scale, with 60,000 employees using the platform to execute thousands of process instances and automated decisions every day.

We created a Center of Excellence that was focused on choosing the right tool and taking a standardized approach across the organization, so that we can get the best commercial deal, we don’t have multiple tools doing the same thing, and we have a consistent approach to governance.

— Paul Jones, Platform Lead, BPM, RPA and Intelligent Document Processing, NatWest

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