Achieve end-to-end process automation by orchestrating human tasks

  • Orchestrate human tasks
  • Take control of long running processes
  • Simplify task management

Orchestrate human workflows quickly and effectively

When mission-critical business processes require manual work, proper orchestration is key. For example, if a customer onboarding process is delayed because an employee doesn’t know they need to complete a task, the customer will have a poor experience. With Tasklist, Camunda offers a lightweight, developer-friendly solution so you can wave slow, inefficient or broken human workflows goodbye. Learn more about managing human workflows with Camunda.

BPMN customer onboarding example
Camunda Tasklist customer onboarding form

Simplify task management

With Tasklist, end users can easily claim tasks. Alternatively, process owners can automatically assign tasks based on predefined groups or variable decisioning using DMN. This gives you all the flexibility you need to manage a multitude of processes while ensuring that all tasks are taken care of. In addition, you can make Tasklist your own with regards to branding and by adding your choice of information fields with forms. These capture information from end users, which can be used in decision gateways further on in the process, such as a hotel guest’s dietary requirements captured upon booking.

Don’t lose sight of long-running processes

By combining Tasklist with Optimize, you can analyze the end-to-end process including human tasks and instantly identify inefficiencies. This is especially relevant for long-running processes, where small bottlenecks can cause a build up of delays along the way. With added visibility you can actively improve process performance and ultimately customer experience.

Camunda Modeler customer onboarding form extended

Get started fast with a ready-to-use interface for end users

Roll out processes to end users as soon as they’re defined — no need to develop a custom business application. Tasklist is an out-of-the-box web application that’s tightly integrated with Camunda’s process orchestration capabilities. Simply model a business process using the BPMN standard and deploy it to the Workflow Engine; when a user needs to work on a task, they’ll see it appear in Tasklist.

Integrate your own applications via GraphQL API

If you are already using an external or self-built task management tool and don’t want to change to something new, you can easily integrate your tool of choice with Tasklist via GraphQL API.

This is a great solution if you use a custom web or mobile app and don’t want to roll out a new system to your end users just yet.

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