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Transform the citizen experience across the public sector.

Camunda empowers public institutions to streamline services, slashing wait times and boosting government efficiency.

Camunda provides outstanding products and services. The software suite has the right blend of standard compliancy, developer friendliness, openness and ease of use.

Proven success in bringing efficiency to the public sector

Streamline public services. Empower citizens.

Public service agencies are under pressure to deliver human-centric services. As citizens become increasingly demanding and budgets tighten, efficiency is critical. 

When departments seamlessly work together, everyone feels the difference: citizens can easily access the services they need, and public employees can focus on what matters most – serving their communities.

Simplify complex citizen services

Navigating the complex web of people, systems, and devices is critical for public institutions.

Process orchestration tames complexity by simplifying complex processes to deliver human-centric services.

Use technology to your advantage

Public sector organizations need to adapt to evolving citizen needs.

Process orchestration optimizes citizen experience by streamlining diverse interactions, from case management and eligibility to fraud detection and trademark reviews.

Achieve more with less

Limited funding doesn’t have to mean limited options. Process orchestration offers a flexible, scalable solution for organizations, empowering them to achieve more with their existing toolset, without locking them into proprietary technology.

“We increased the automation rate by more than 65% and reduced average claim processing time by over one-third, with some claims completing processing the same day they were established. ”

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

5,525 full-time

resources worth of time saved over three years


faster process completion time from automation with Camunda

Public institutions choose Camunda to transform citizen services with efficient, future-ready processes

Moving away from inefficiency

Integrating isolated processes from end to end is key for faster, more effective public services. Camunda’s one-model approach helps organizations deliver on their promises by transforming workflows.

Building tomorrow’s processes, together

Camunda provides a flexible, future-proof solution for public sector institutions, unlocking continuous progress by enabling them to adapt to evolving needs and meet citizen demands quickly.

Connecting people, processes, and systems

Camunda helps align goals across the organization and connect employees with the right tools, enabling them to provide better services to citizens and focus on higher-value activities that require human interaction.

Best-in-class customer experiences

From enabling fast and efficient citizen services to providing critical support, our customers make a difference in the public sector.

Learn how public sector organizations use process orchestration to deliver best-in-class experiences

How the city of Munich uses Camunda to streamline public administration and empower 1.5 million citizens with improved service delivery

Watch the video with Dirk Gernhardt & Rene Zarwel, from the Municipality of Munich

Why act now: Optimize efficiency for better value and service

Outdated technology stacks, siloed, inefficient processes, and a disconnect between IT and other functions result in frustrated citizens, employees, and rising costs.

Process orchestration helps public service organizations overcome these challenges and prepare for the future of citizen services.

Reduce employee burden

Manual tasks slow down employees, hindering productivity and morale. Talent is wasted on repetitive work rather than human connection.

Empower employees with automation by freeing up time for human interaction and strategic thinking.

Prevent rising costs

Siloed automation leads to wasted resources and missed opportunities for cost savings. Maintaining outdated systems is expensive and resource-intensive. Process orchestration enables you to streamline processes to unlock cost-saving opportunities and optimize resources.

Improve citizen services

Slow, bureaucratic systems make institutions fall behind. Citizens face long wait times, complex forms, and inconsistent service delivery. Institutions need to modernize to deliver faster, simpler, and more responsive services that prioritize citizen experience.

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“Camunda allows us to automate processes that we couldn’t automate before, which need to integrate with many other systems. That was not easy to do with our prior solution.”

Source: The Total Economic Impact™ Of Camunda For Enterprises, a commissioned research by Forrester

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Align Public Sector Processes with a High-Level Strategy

See public sector process examples, technical process metrics, and business process metrics you can use to measure success in this industry-specific guide.

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The State of Process Orchestration 2024

Download the full report to understand the latest benchmarks and insights for IT leaders looking to improve automation initiatives.

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Camunda Compared to Alternatives

Understand the full process automation landscape and the different categories of tools available.

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