Discover why global industry leaders choose Camunda for large-scale digital transformation initiatives


Financial Services

Held back by technical debt and outdated legacy solutions, many financial services organizations struggle to deliver great customer experience and keep up with ever evolving compliance requirements at the same time. With Camunda’s powerful process automation solutions, global leaders like Morgan Stanley and Truist achieve true digital transformation as well as tangible benefits in savings, additional revenue and more.


With competitive pressures mounting and customer expectations for frictionless experiences at a high, insurance companies need to invest in agile, scalable and digital-first technology solutions. Find out how industry leaders such as Generali Switzerland, Provinzial, and R+V Versicherung leverage Camunda’s process automation solutions to radically transform ways of working, save money and improve customer experience at the same time.



Operating in a highly competitive marketplace that is defined by constant change, telecommunications companies like AT&T, Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom have chosen Camunda to modernize monolithic, outdated systems and technologies. By improving cooperation between business and IT teams, our customers are now able to deliver consistently high customer experiences while adapting quickly to changing market requirements.

Public Sector

Public Sector

Trying to balance budget pressures and increased demands, public sector organizations around the world are looking to find new, innovative ways to manage and improve citizen services. The ministries of justice for Germany and the UK, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and the city of Montréal are now using Camunda to modernize and streamline their services while reducing cost.


Media and Entertainment

Media and entertainment companies operate in a highly competitive environment that has seen significant technological disruption. In order to turn challenges into opportunities, organizations like Universal and Warner Music are turning to advanced process automation tools to drive growth and customer satisfaction.



The technology space has traditionally been a source of fast paced innovation spilling over into other industries. Hyperautomation, artificial intelligence and cloud computing dominate the headlines, and companies operating in the technology market are well advised to invest in scalable, future proof systems that set them up for success. Find out why Camunda customers like Atlassian, Intuit and Amdocs invest in advanced process automation and orchestration tools to do just that.

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