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Tame complex case management with Camunda

Support any customer journey and adapt faster to changing business needs

Great experiences need orchestration

Customer expectations are changing. They expect services to be simple, fast, and accessible – anywhere, anytime.  However, employees may find it challenging to deliver on this promise due to the complexity of customer cases and the inefficient tools required to resolve them. Additionally, complying with regulations such as HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR further increases complexity.

Camunda revolutionizes case management

Robust automation capabilities enable your team to thrive across every case management scenario and deliver exceptional experiences to customers and employees alike. With Camunda, you can model flexible workflows to assign, manage, and resolve even the most complex cases.


Increased customer satisfaction yielding in profits


Cost reduction reengineering processes using multiple tools

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Return on automation spend with Camunda process orchestration

Case Management — Evolved

Camunda offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to revolutionize your case and knowledge management processes.

Tame complexity by orchestrating processes

Design process models with custom forms for knowledge workers so they have the right information for each case.

Intelligently route cases to experts

Use decision tables and AI to ensure accurate routing to knowledge workers and informed decision-making, all with a detailed audit trail.

Integrate with any business technology

Enhance your current case management tooling by seamlessly integrating technology between people, systems, and devices. 

To achieve the desired efficiency gains, we needed a much higher degree of automation in our processes, and Camunda’s capabilities fit our needs well. It is modern, easy to integrate with, and gives us flexibility when designing our processes.

Eric Lind, Chief Information Officer
Bluestep Bank

Why global organizations choose Camunda for case management

Automation is just the beginning when it comes to delivering great customer experiences. Camunda helps organizations face a wide range of case management workflows, from routine system interactions to intricate cases that involve intelligent decisions and integrations across knowledge workers and technology systems.

Orchestrate case management processes from end to end

Use advanced workflow patterns to simplify complex case management processes that require knowledge workers and a variety of task automation technologies such as RPA.

Collaborate effectively between departments

Align the business and IT using a common language. With Camunda’s one model approach, IT and the business can collaborate from design to execution to analysis.

Handle high-performance processes

Zeebe, Camunda’s cloud-native workflow engine, can handle high volumes of concurrent transactions at consistent low latencies with failover protection that keeps your data safe.

Use your favorite programming languages and DevOps tools

Camunda’s developer-friendly design and open architecture lets IT teams use the languages and tools they’re used to, so they can deliver case management solutions faster.

Hear how our customers succeed with Camunda

Learn how global organizations are using Camunda to transform case management and delight their employees and customers.


Watch the short presentation to learn how Atlassian reduced ticket turnaround times by 93% and achieve a 30x return on investment using Camunda.

Jyske Bank

Learn how Jyske Bank increased customer satisfaction using process orchestration while adhering to strict international regulations.

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Babylon Health

See how Babylon delivers tailored patient treatments, ensuring clinical safety across a complex human workflow management ecosystem.

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Discover why Atlassian turned to process orchestration to deliver improved customer and employee experiences.

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Some customers thought they were interacting with a human due to the speed of the responses. In fact, even some Atlassian employees think [our virtual customer assistant] is a real person handling all of these tickets!

Brajesh Bharti, Senior Engineer

Developers love our documentation and training

We have a vibrant community of over 100,000 developers worldwide that use Camunda every day to orchestrate and transform complex processes.
Camunda developer training

Helpful Documentation

Get all step-by-step guides and reference docs to understand supported environments, releases, dependencies, and more.

On-Demand Training

Camunda Academy provides free, unlimited on-demand training on subjects such as BPMN, DMN, and all things Camunda.

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Achieve High Performance with Zeebe

Watch the recording to see how Camunda’s workflow engine, Zeebe, was designed for high-performance processes such as trade matching and real-time payments.

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I can show a flow to my business partner, and the business team can easily understand what’s going on. The technical team can understand the implementation, and we can model different errors and the process for recovering from these errors.

Gustavo Arjones, CTO
Itau Unibanco

Embrace the future of case management with Camunda