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Maximize agility and output in media and entertainment

The world’s leading media and entertainment companies use Camunda to thrive in the evolving media landscape.

We now deliver hundreds of thousands digital orders per day with Camunda, without any problems with scalability. The orders add up to several hundred terabytes of digital content per month. Camunda was absolutely the right choice for us.

Director, New Media Solutions Media Industry Service Provider

Helping best-in-class media and entertainment companies

Media and entertainment redefined

Media and entertainment is dynamic. Technology evolves at record speed and audiences switch channels faster than ever. Merely delivering great content is no longer enough.

The key to staying ahead is streamlined content distribution processes for enhanced customer experience and personalization. With process orchestration, media companies can automate end-to-end workflows, tame system complexity, and ensure seamless customer experiences.

Seamless content delivery

Manual processes and fragmented systems slow down content creation, distribution, and sales.

Process orchestration enables faster content delivery by streamlining key processes, such as content approval, ad personalization, and distribution.

Flawless customer experience

Managing multiple platforms while maintaining exceptional user experience is a complex task.

Process orchestration connects endpoints in a unified system, simplifying delivery to different channels, such as mobile apps, streaming sites, or smart TV.

Align business goals across departments

Repetitive tasks, such as billing, support, reporting, or managing rights clearances shift the focus away from business needs.

Process orchestration helps align teams to design processes that connect people with the right tools, enabling them to focus on creating value together.

“We scaled up Camunda to make fleet management a more automated process. Using this approach, within 6 months our team was able to eliminate a full month of maintenance labor per year for an SRE professional.”

Akhil Ahjua, SRE


in profits resulting from higher customer satisfaction


increase in ROI, as shown in The Total Economic Impact™ Of Camunda For Enterprises, a commissioned research by Forrester

$15 million

saved in costs, thanks to process quality improvements

Major media and entertainment companies choose Camunda to address their unique needs and drive efficiency at scale

Effortless integration

Adapt faster to emerging market trends by easily integrating new technology across complex workflows using our open, cloud-native architecture.

Maximizing returns

Continuously innovate without disruption using your existing toolset and maximize the value of current resources by connecting people and tools, improving efficiency, and saving operational costs.

Customizable processes

Empower teams to design, automate, manage, and continuously improve end-to-end business processes, from content distribution to advertising operations and beyond.

Real-time visibility

Uncover hidden bottlenecks and optimize performance with granular insights into running processes with Camunda’s real-time, visual monitoring.

Operational excellence

Deliver lasting value by streamlining complex processes across creative production, technical operations, business systems and distribution channels with Camunda’s IT focused, business friendly platform.

Scalable growth

Deliver benefits of automation at scale and to more domains by reusing composable process elements with Camunda’s flexible architecture.

Best-in-class customer experiences

From seamless content delivery to advertising operations, see how our customers shape the media and entertainment space

Learn how Operative, an advertisement company based in New York, streamlined tenant onboarding and multi-tenant workflow processing with Camunda

Tenant Onboarding and Template-Driven Multi-tenant Workflow Processing for AD Sales Automation

Find out how LinkedIn achieved seamless integrations with various platforms and components within its existing infrastructure

Server fleet management using Camunda (CamundaCon 2019)

Why act now: Adaptability sets you apart in the competitive media landscape

Outdated workflows and disconnected IT systems result in slow content delivery, difficulty adapting to new trends, and a failure to engage and retain your audiences.

We empower businesses to leverage existing systems more efficiently, modernize in stages, and accelerate innovation by unlocking the potential for faster, more targeted content creation, adapting to the changing digital landscape, and growing an engaged audience.

Maximize revenue potential

Manual processes and fragmented systems lead to inefficiency, lost revenue, and slower adaptation to audience preferences.

Automated processes and integrated systems help seize new opportunities and adapt to changing preferences, leading to increased revenue.

Cultivate customer loyalty

Inconsistent experiences across platforms and slow customer service frustrate customers, who quickly turn to competitors.

Don’t wait for this to happen. Seamless platform integration facilitates improved customer experiences that drive organic growth.

Align business goals across departments

Legacy systems are costly to maintain and slow down innovation by limiting your ability to use new technologies like AI and automation, blocking innovation and growth.

Leveraging process orchestration empowers you to stay ahead by building flexible workflows that evolve with the changing market.

“The customer experience increased dramatically. You cannot measure that in euros or dollars, but it has an impact that management sees.”

Source: The Total Economic Impact™ Of Camunda For Enterprises, a commissioned research by Forrester

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