Orchestrate APIs

Streamline business processes and get end-to-end transparency across APIs

Digital Business Runs on APIs

From social media logins to payment gateways and everything in between, APIs are the building blocks of modern software. However, automating processes across many different APIs can be complex, and it doesn’t account for processes that involve additional endpoints such as RPA bots, ERPs, CRMs, document management systems, and human work.

Camunda process orchestration enables you to design, automate, and improve processes that require APIs along with other types of process endpoints from end to end.

Benefits of Effective API Orchestration

Visualize, troubleshoot, analyze, and improve processes that span across multiple APIs and other endpoints. Get the business context your stakeholders need, regardless of the number or complexity of the APIs involved.

Replace repetitive manual tasks with orchestrated APIs to increase the level of automation in your processes, improve their efficiency, and reduce the chance of human error.

Replace RPA bots and other brittle task automations with APIs without having to redesign business processes or disrupt processes that are in progress.

End-to-End API Orchestration Lifecycle


Visualize processes modeled in ISO-standard BPMN, allowing business and IT to collaborate on process design in a common language

Dedicated business process orchestration logic makes it easy to implement changes

Build a catalog of reusable templates for common scenarios to enable business technologists


Highly scalable execution engine to natively automate and execute BPMN models that invoke tens or hundreds of APIs

Monitor processes with the ability to discover and analyze technical service issues

Maintain process state in case of API availability issues, allowing the process to resume when the API is available again


Compare process logs with BPMN diagrams to identify potential issues in API usage

Use BPMN heatmaps to identify ways to improve efficiency

Customizable reports and dashboards on process performance and business KPIs for decision makers

Start Orchestrating APIs with Camunda Marketplace

Camunda Marketplace is a trusted source of integration technologies that help you quickly and reliably orchestrate complex business processes across your entire technology stack. In Marketplace, you can discover and install pre-built Connectors for REST and GraphQL APIs, plus many other popular tools and technologies.

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