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Find out how tech companies worldwide use Camunda to stay ahead of their competition:

Our IT teams have been focused on streamlining the customer experiences ranging from buying to support across our product offerings. Teaming up with Camunda enables our IT teams to focus on shipping critical business processes with agility, visibility & efficiency. 

— Vinayak Varma, Head of Application Development, Atlassian

Technology has been a tool for change since the first industrial revolution. As we enter the fourth, technology is both the tool and medium through which change is delivered. 

For organizations operating in the technology space, this means that not only do they have to keep up with digital transformation initiatives — but they have to take it a step further with hyperautomation, artificial intelligence, IoT and cloud computing. In order to thrive in an incredibly competitive space, tech companies have to tackle the challenges these trends bring, such as: 

  • Avoiding technology silos: organizations should choose scalable, robust solutions for their business initiatives to avoid being left with disjointed, incompatible solutions. 
  • Harnessing emerging technologies: to increase competitiveness and business agility, companies should embrace new technologies such as automation.
  • Increasing business and IT cooperation: failing to ensure that your business and IT teams work together is a surefire way to stunt growth and innovation, whereas businesses that enable teams to work cross-functionally benefit from an agile infrastructure that combines business and IT needs.

Process orchestration solutions like Camunda can help organizations turn these challenges into opportunities for growth.

Enabling Tech Companies to Adapt and Excel

Industry leaders and Camunda customers like NASA, Atlassian, Intuit, and First Data already benefit from end-to-end automation and orchestration of processes originating from different platforms, tech stacks and endpoints. They use Camunda to design, automate, manage and optimize a virtually unlimited variety of end-to-end business processes, such as: SaaS integration, microservices orchestration, customer onboarding, finance and revenue workflow automation, and more.

Future proof architecture fit for your needs

Camunda’s open software and flexible architecture enable powerful end-to-end process orchestration of both human and service-driven processes. 

Our solution provides organizations with speed, scale, security and resiliency without the overhead of building and maintaining infrastructure. Furthermore, our open architecture approach unlocks universal connectivity thanks to a series of essential connectors along with simple and intuitive integrations across a variety of technology enablers.

With Camunda, your team can design, automate, manage and improve a virtually unlimited variety of end-to-end business processes, from content distribution to advertising operations. Tools like Operate and Optimize enable you to keep check of your processes at all times and identify bottlenecks before they become an issue.

With Camunda, we deliver a powerful, microservice-based and DevOps-ready service that helps telcos breakthrough inefficiencies and automate business processes for order management and grow revenues as they modernize their approach to customer service. 

— Yoav Snir, head of global partnerships at Amdocs

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Customer success

Amdocs: Transforming the Customer Experience in Telecommunications through Order Management Automation

Amdocs provides software and services to the world’s leading players in the communications and media industry to accelerate their digital transformation, facilitate their journey to the cloud and drive growth. Their digital enablement platform DigitalONE utilizes process automation solutions enabled by Camunda to automate customer care and ordering workflows that support all engagement types, assisted and unassisted, on any channel. The highly scalable solution now reliably delivers up to 1,000 process instances started per second for industry leaders across the globe, giving them the scalability and security they need to excel.

Read the full case study here.

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