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Streamline processes for modern, secure, and reliable insurance

Camunda empowers leading insurers to orchestrate seamless customer journeys and innovate faster.

Using Camunda, customers in the insurance sector can achieve benefits of over $112.5m over 3 years - an ROI of 408%.

A trusted partner of world-class insurance companies

Future-proof insurance with scalable processes

Insurance companies navigate rising costs and evolving customer expectations while juggling a changing workforce, mounting regulations, and outdated systems that lack transparency.

Process orchestration simplifies complexity, streamlines workflows, and empowers insurers to delight customers and employees with both existing and next-gen technology.

Break down silos

Isolated workflows and tools slow you down. Process orchestration breaks down silos by automating end-to-end processes.

A visual, one-model approach connects core insurance functions, from underwriting to claims processing and customer service, unlocking efficiency.

Tame complex processes

Customers demand a seamless digital experience, but complex legacy systems and manual processes often stand in the way.

Process orchestration integrates any technology from end to end to deliver streamlined processes that delight customers and employees.

Innovate at scale

Insurance businesses need flexible processes to seamlessly innovate and adapt to increased volumes.

Camunda is uniquely designed to help you win more customers through a better experience today and drive innovation to meet future demands.

“With the drive towards large-scale digitization of products and services accelerating, insurers should act now to remain competitive, conduct business more efficiently, and reduce costs. ”

Christian Nicoll, Director of Platform Engineering and Operation Generali Switzerland


Higher profits from improved customer satisfaction using Camunda


cost reduction reengineering processes using multiple tools

$112 million

Net Present Value (NPV)  in the first 3 years of using Camunda

Forward-thinking insurers choose Camunda to improve operations and create a competitive edge

Camunda provides a developer-friendly platform to rapidly deliver new banking automation projects — or improve existing processes — so you can outpace any change.

Faster policy issuance and approvals

With process orchestration, insurers can streamline underwriting, risk assessment, and documentation to improve efficiency and experience.

Improved claims processing

Orchestrated processes simplify integrating multiple data sources and decision automation to minimize errors and free up staff for complex claims and better service.

Data-driven risk management

Process orchestration unlocks enhanced visibility by facilitating the integration of real-time data across claim processing. This empowers proactive fraud detection and minimizes losses.

Simplified regulatory compliance

By adopting process orchestration, you can easily automate compliance checks and reporting, minimizing non-compliance penalties and reputational damage.

Best-in-class customer experiences

Learn how insurers use process orchestration to deliver best-in-class experiences

Learn how insurers use process orchestration to deliver best-in-class experiences

Provinzial, Germany’s top insurance company uses Camunda for end-to-end process orchestration across all domains
Watch the video featuring André Wickenhöfer from Provinzial Holding AG

Why act now: Create a foundation for transformation

A mix of legacy systems, point automation, and isolated new technologies creates disconnected processes that reduce agility and the overall value of your investments.

Process orchestration enables a modern, integrated tech stack that tames complex processes, unlocking the full potential of your technology and boosting business agility.

Efficient resource allocation

Legacy systems are more prone to failures and require frequent maintenance. These expenses drain budgets and divert resources from innovation.

Process orchestration enables you to iteratively modernize systems to focus resources on initiatives that enhance customer experience.

Keep up with increased demand

Managing diverse insurance products and intricate risk assessments with isolated technology is full of bottlenecks.

​​Process orchestration helps insurance companies seamlessly manage and improve their processes as needs change.

Improve driving insights

Isolated technology limits visibility into process performance and customer experience.

Process orchestration enables you to extract the most value from your customer data, guiding improvements or innovating new products.

“Camunda is working really well for us. The amount of documents is increasing, but the number of people doing the work is decreasing: it’s now two teams instead of the previous three.”

IT Architect, Insurance
Source: The Total Economic Impact™ Of Camunda For Enterprises, a commissioned research by Forrester

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