Get the insights you need to understand and continuously improve your business processes.

  • Rely on easy-to-use reports and alerts with real-time process monitoring and analytics
  • Analyze business processes that are executed by Camunda or by other tools or systems
  • Use data filtering, heatmaps, and process variants to visualize the performance of complex business processes

  • Get started fast, using the process execution data you already have

Continuously improve your business processes

Optimize gives you the intelligence you need to continuously improve your business processes and automated decisions. Use BPMN-based analysis to uncover process bottlenecks and other performance issues, so you know which changes will have the greatest impact on your processes.

Learn from insightful reports on complex processes

Business processes are often complex, making them hard to analyze and troubleshoot. Optimize has powerful reporting and data filtering capabilities that help IT teams and business stakeholders cut through the noise and focus on the data that’s most important. Optimize also offers fully customizable alerts that help stakeholders stay on top of what’s happening in real time. Learn more about reporting capabilities in Optimize.

Share process intelligence across the business

Use dashboards to ensure all process stakeholders can see the most important information at a glance. You can create as many dashboards as you’d like, add Optimize reports and external reports to them, and share them with anyone in the organization, even if they’re not an Optimize user.

Uncover process bottlenecks using heatmaps

Process heatmaps provide an intuitive visualization of process steps that are executed frequently or that take significantly longer than expected. When combined with Optimize’s powerful data filtering capabilities, heatmaps help you understand the circumstances around poor performance so you can more easily pinpoint the root cause.

Analyze process variants to make data-driven improvements

Use the power of data to decide how to improve business processes. Optimize offers branch analysis that helps you visualize the way that variations in a process impact business results. Select a process gateway and an end event, and Optimize will tell you the probability of reaching the end event based on each gateway branch, so you can identify opportunities to streamline workflows and improve outcomes.

Get started with the data you already have

It’s easy to get started with Optimize, even if you’re already using Camunda to orchestrate business processes. After a simple setup process, Optimize imports available historical data so you can analyze past processes, and then starts retrieving new data at configurable intervals, giving you up-to-date reports and dashboards.


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