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Replace Homegrown Workflow Automation Software

If you’ve reached the limitations of homegrown automation, Camunda can help.

Still maintaining your own workflow tools?

When automating business processes, many organizations start with a development team that builds software from scratch to automate a well-defined repeatable process. At first, this approach seems like a logical starting point because it allows developers to tailor automated processes to the organization’s unique business requirements, and it gives the development team complete control over the software development lifecycle. However, this approach has many drawbacks that become apparent as process volume increases and workflows become more complex.

Camunda provides flexibility and high performance

Camunda offers the flexibility needed to implement changing business requirements. Camunda Platform offers an execution engine that scales with increasing demand, along with powerful capabilities for monitoring processes, troubleshooting issues in production, and continuously improving business process automation.

Camunda Platform

Homegrown Workflow Tooling

Easy to update processes in response to changing business requirements

User-friendly tools for designing processes and visualizing live process instances in production

Out-of-the-box solutions for technical challenges such as service call retries, timeouts, message correlation, and error detection and handling

Designed for high performance, even while running thousands of process instances

A stable and well-documented API for integrating with other systems

Real-time KPIs in customizable dashboards that all stakeholders can use
Camunda Modeler


  • Create, edit, and deploy process diagrams using the open standard BPMN, in a powerful, pluggable app
  • Collaborate across business and IT teams to design and share process flows
  • Streamline automation efforts by building a catalog of reusable templates
  • Work with large, complex DMN decision tables in an easy-to-use interface
BPMN Workflow Engine


  • Drastically increase workflow performance with a lightning-fast execution engine that’s easy to scale up
  • Execute DMN decision tables and decision requirements diagrams, stand-alone or as part of a workflow
  • Integrate human workflows with an out-of-the-box GUI for manual tasks; no front-end development required
  • Discover, analyze, and solve technical problems in production, in real time
Camunda Optimize


  • Monitor all process automation activity in one place, no matter where processes are being executed
  • Provide stakeholders with customizable reports and dashboards on process performance
  • Keep stakeholders informed about real-time process activity through configurable alerts
  • Use BPMN heatmaps to identify bottlenecks and continuously improve automated business processes

Featured Customers

Jörg Sauer
Jörg Sauer
Head of Application Development

We have never once questioned our decision to adopt the Camunda Platform. Our IT management team as well as our developers agree that adopting this lightweight process engine with its excellent performance was the right decision.

Jan Haertel
Jan Haertel
Head of Business Technology Development

Create BPMN process diagrams and DMN decision tables and turn our models–on the shortest path–in a fast and stable executable application. Is there a smarter way to improve our business processes?

Case Study: 24 Hour Fitness
Case Study: 24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness is a leading health club industry pioneer, serving nearly 4 million members in over 400 clubs across the U.S. In this case study, you can learn how 24 Hour Fitness replaced their homegrown workflow technology with Camunda and are now executing more than 20 million workflow instances per day.

We’re here to help

Our team of process automation experts is ready to help you replace your homegrown workflow software with a Camunda solution. Our experienced consulting team can assist you with every step of the transition process. We also offer training to ensure your team has all the skills necessary to implement process automation with Camunda.

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