Process Orchestration for Telecommunications Companies

Find out why global telco companies choose Camunda for large-scale, end-to-end process automation:

“We need to be on time, we can’t wait seven days to process an order, we can’t wait seven days to respond to something, we need to be always ahead and always responsible.”

— Willm Tüting, Managing Director, conology GmbH, consultant to Deutsche Telekom and Camunda Certified Partner

Telco companies are operating in a marketspace defined by change – change in technology, market structure, customers and regulations. In addition, they encounter challenges such as:

  • Reduced business agility due to cumbersome legacy systems
  • Rising demand for digitization
  • Separation of network infrastructure from service layer, promoting the rise of new, disruptive providers and business models

These challenges are here to stay. What’s more, the already hypercompetitive telco space will become even more testing for those who fail to innovate and transform.

This is where a sophisticated, best-in-breed process orchestration solution like Camunda comes in.

Time to replace your legacy applications

Camunda customers like Vodafone, AT&T and O2 report better customer experiences and faster time-to-value, helping them improve operational efficiency and business agility. Many of our customers were using a combination of different legacy systems before choosing Camunda. Business critical and filled with customer data, these systems were difficult to maintain and even more difficult to replace when they began to struggle with the growing needs of the business – from technical requirements such as supporting an increasing number of endpoints per process, to large-scale IT initiatives like moving to the cloud.

With Camunda, your team can design, automate, manage and improve a virtually unlimited variety of end-to-end business processes, such as: customer onboarding; technical support orchestration; centralizing automated billing worfklows, know your customer processes, and more.

One of the greatest benefits of this project has been the close cooperation between business and IT fostered by business-process-centered communications between the teams. 

— Michael Voeller, Head of Project and Demand Management, Branded Reseller Business, Vodafone

Scalable architecture fit for your growth plans

Camunda’s open software and flexible architecture not only enable powerful end-to-end process orchestration. Our solution provides organizations with speed, scale, security and resiliency without the overhead of building and maintaining infrastructure. Furthermore, our open architecture approach unlocks universal connectivity thanks to a series of essential connectors along with simple and intuitive integrations across a variety of technology enablers.

Global success at scale

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Customer success

Sophisticated orchestration solutions for better customer experience

Monolithic systems can have a plethora of negative consequences: often based on outdated software, they are inflexible and hardware dependent. For Deutsche Telekom, Europe’s largest telecommunications provider, this resulted in compliance concerns and a long time to take products to market. They chose Camunda for a number of initiatives to transform the monolithic architecture to an agile, microservice-based solution. Among those was the orchestration of 3,000 RPA (Robotic Process Automation) bots to improve their customer service – one of the largest RPA implementations in Europe. As a result, they have realized significant savings and are several steps closer to modernizing their previously monolithic technology stack. 

Bringing scalability and agility to Vodafone’s operations

Vodafone struggled to establish an urgently required online partner channel. Ineffective and difficult to maintain, the legacy products in use created high maintenance and operating costs, a slow time-to-market for new products and an inconsistent customer experience. In an effort to improve business agility, Vodafone wanted to move to a cloud-based architecture and used Camunda Modeler to first map out and document all processes in a way that both IT and the business could work with. Through this discovery phase, they gained instantaneous insight and transparency into their processes and were able to optimize and recreate processes entirely in a new cloud-based framework, with Camunda orchestrating across all channels and backend services. 

Today, the complete customer lifecycle (sales, service, retention) has been automated and optimized, freeing up staff to focus on value-adding activities.

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