Automate Human Workflow

Organizations around the world have been moving toward the goal of automating traditionally manual human activities for decades. Fast forward to today, with millions of people working remotely and mission critical operations breaking down because they depend on a manual process which in turn requires a person to act.

With Camunda, teams can automate notifications, recording, assignments and escalations while providing a flexible Tasklist to include human task flow activities and decisions.

Keep your People Processes Flowing

Working remotely is quickly become a new norm. Unfortunately, some mission critical processes still depend on a manual task which in turn requires a person to act. If that process helps to onboard a new customer and gets delayed. The customer might notice. Maybe it is a regulatory process that must be completed in a timely manner. Whatever the business need, people working remotely, or in the office, can easily be included in the automation process saving time and keeping customers happy.

Automation teams need a lightweight, developer friendly, and easy to integrate solution to fix slow, inefficient or broken human workflow processes quickly. Camunda process automation software supports the BPMN standard user task type when you need a human to perform a task.

Including the human task type in a process creates a task for a person to complete. Additional technical and business rules can easily be applied to:

  • Apply common work assignment patterns like: maker-checker; sticky user; content- or skill-based routing.
  • Add process flexibility using BPMN to document processes, group tasks in stages, manage task cancellations or exceptions, including ad hoc work items and splitting a process instance
  • Include notifications to be sent by email, phone, SMS, and other channels when tasks are complete or reach a milestone.
  • Enforce more complex process controls like escalations and multi-stage approvals
  • Schedule which activities need task creation, completion or other state changes or when an SLA or a defined threshold is reached

Camunda is Lightweight and Developer Friendly

Camunda was designed from the start with developers in mind

  • Camunda can be used both as a standalone process engine server or embedded inside custom Java applications.
  • Camunda also provides a REST API so that non- Java developers can build applications that connect to a remote process engine.
  • For high availability and scalability, Camunda can run on a distributed cluster while relying on one shared database.
  • For human-centric workflow automation, Camunda provides a REST API to build a custom UI for employees or out of the box support via the Camunda built for human workflows and to customize how people complete tasks.

We’re Here to Help

When an organization is ready to replace a manual task with workflow automation, the Camunda Enterprise Platform and our team of process automation experts is available to help with every step of the transition.

Camunda provides online and onsite training to ensure that your team has all the skills necessary to implement human workflow automation with Camunda.