Orchestrate Human Workflows

Keep your people processes flowing with Camunda.

Workflow orchestration with a human touch

End-to-end business processes often combine automated tasks with work that has to be done by people; for example, review and approval by a manager. It’s important that these processes are fully orchestrated to avoid delays. When designing processes, teams need a lightweight, easy-to-integrate solution that will help them fix slow, inefficient, or broken human workflows.


  • Use BPMN to create processes that document and orchestrate both human and automated tasks
  • Drag-and-drop to create user task forms, connect them to your processes, and deploy them in seconds


  • Get started fast with Tasklist, an out-of-the-box user interface for human work
  • Connect to your own user-facing applications with full control using a robust API


  • Use BPMN heatmaps to identify bottlenecks in human workflows
  • Provide stakeholders with customizable reports and dashboards on process performance


Manual Workflows

Apply common work assignment patterns such as maker-checker, sticky user, content-based routing, or skill-based routing

Implement process flexibility by using BPMN to document processes, group tasks in stages, and manage task cancellations and exceptions

Enforce complex process controls such as escalations and multi-stage approvals

Take automated action when a task’s state changes or when an SLA or another predefined threshold is reached

Send notifications by email, phone, SMS, or another channel when tasks reach a milestone or tasks are completed

Case Study: City of Lugano
Città di Lugano – Building Trust and Reducing Time-Intensive Tasks with Camunda

Since introducing Camunda in 2019, Città di Lugano has reduced the time for specific administrative tasks and related costs by 90%, increased the number of online applications for citizens’ certifications by 70% and greatly improved the level of trust between citizens and the public administration.

Incorporating Human Workflows in Process Automation

Long-running business processes often require manual work to be combined with automated steps to create a unified workflow, end-to-end. The secret to streamlining internal operations and building better customer experiences starts with knowing how to orchestrate a combination of human and machine-driven processes.

How Atlassian Uses Camunda Within Their Hyperautomation Tech Stack

With Camunda Platform, Atlassian built a powerful support bot that connects disparate systems and endpoints – including humans – into a tech stack that has helped reduce ticket turnaround times by 93% in some cases, from an average 45-60 minute response time down to two minutes.

tasklist form

Kickstart human workflows with a built-in user interface

Tasklist is a ready-to-use interface for people who need to work on processes. It’s tightly integrated with Camunda process execution for easy integration with automated tasks. Tasklist is perfect for rapid prototyping as you build your process orchestration solutions.

Want to connect Camunda Platform to your own user-facing applications? The open source form-js library and Tasklist API make it easy.

Quickly build forms for human workflows

A drag-and-drop Form Builder makes it easy to design and deploy user task forms for human workflows. Add UI components to a form, configure validation for each field, and attach the form to a BPMN process model in minutes.

camunda form builder

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Our team of process automation experts is ready to help you orchestrate your human workflows. Our experienced consulting team can assist you with every step of the transition process. We also offer training to ensure your team has all the skills necessary to implement process automation with Camunda.

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