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Connectors & Integration Framework

Integrate faster with reusable, out-of-the-box connectors.

Connectors communicate with any system or technology, reducing the time it takes to automate and orchestrate business processes across systems.

Explore our catalog for connectors, then insert them into BPMN diagrams directly from within the familiar Camunda Modeler interface. Once added to your diagram, connectors are configured through an intuitive properties panel.

“By talking to many customers, we learned how we can build connectors that provide a true benefit to real-life projects while retaining the developer-friendliness and flexibility that our users love. I am excited to begin delivering this vision with Camunda 8.”

Bernd Rücker
Co-Founder and Chief Technologist, Camunda

What’s coming next:

Connect to all the things.

Use out-of-the-box connectors or build your own using Camunda’s Integration Framework to connect to everything, including:

  • Cloud Connectors communicate with cloud native applications and conform to REST, GraphQL or SOAP protocols e.g. Kafka/SQS/Camel message queues, AWS Lambda functions, or Eventbridge

  • Service Connectors integrate with technology enablers like RPA, AI or IOT services

  • Business Connectors connect to CRM or ERP applications e.g. Salesforce, industry specific applications such as Duck Creek for Insurance or SWIFT for banking, or proprietary internal applications

  • Productivity Applications Connectors leverage email or Slack to notify customers of process state transition, or to begin a process

  • Enterprise Content Connectors push or pull content to systems such as Box or Opentext

  • Data Connectors push or pull information from data providers such as BI systems, data lakes or data warehouses to make conditional decision in the process

Powerful bi-directional connectivity

Unlimited flexibility.

The unlimited flexibility in Camunda’s bi-directional connectivity ensures seamless automation of even the most complex business processes across people, systems and devices.

Invoke outside systems using BPMN service tasks or message throw events. Processes can also be automatically triggered by an outside system via message catch event or receive task.

Integration Framework

Build your own connectors.

Build and provision reusable connectors for any system. Custom connectors are perfect for organizations with legacy or homegrown systems, and they are a more reliable automation alternative to brittle and maintenance heavy RPA bots.

Use a variety of programming languages plus your preferred tools to develop connectors, keeping you in your ideal development environment.

Build Once & Reuse

Once built, connectors are available in the Modeler and can be reused for any business process.

Connectors are accessible directly within Modeler, so you can quickly find, implement and set relevant properties directly within your BPMN diagrams.